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[rpd] Migrating quickly to IPv6

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Wed Jun 6 18:42:53 UTC 2018

Hi Lee,
At 08:09 AM 06-06-2018, Lee Howard wrote:
>Several lists have been very active in the last 12 hours, and I have 
>much I want to say on this 6th anniversary of 6/6/12.


>SM, can you find that presentation? I might need to have a word with 
>a colleague at ICANN.

I'll Bcc the presenter as the presentation did not turn up in a 
search.  That discussion might be interesting. :-)

>What to do about old devices that only support IPv4? Several choices:
>* Let them become obsolete, like devices that only support SNA or 
>DECNet: they are useful only on specific networks.

There is a cost to consumers when their devices are made obsolete.  I 
doubt that they would be interested in hearing about SNA or DECnet 
if/when that happens.

>* Provide edge transition mechanisms, such at 464xlat, MAP, or DS-Lite.


>* Provide them a public IPv4 address. Maybe charge them for it, 
>since they're costing you (the carrier) money.

There is where it will be argued that CGNAT is the way to go.  My 
guess is that it is probably not the objective you which to attain.

S. Moonesamy 

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