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[rpd] Questions for Alain...

Chevalier du Borg virtual.borg at
Wed Jun 6 14:58:40 UTC 2018

Le mer. 6 juin 2018 à 08:43, Owen DeLong <owen at> a écrit :

> Generally speaking in other part of world "There is nothing bad with being
> a broker".
> However for Africa, there is EVERYTHING bad with being a broker.
> A broker take away IPs from a continent that does not even have enough to
> sell them for massive personal gain. That is exploitation of this continent
> the way the colonialist do before and some still continue to do with other
> natural resource.
> First of all, since there is no inter-rir transfer policy, brokers that
> are compliant with policy are NOT taking IP addresses away from Africa. All
> they can do is move addresses around within Africa.

That has not stop AFRINIC address bloc from being sold out of Africa has it?

> Hopefully an organization that qualifies under AfriNIC policies for
> receiving a transfer and is willing to pay for the transferred resources
> has an actual legitimate need for those resources.

We not have that problem in this region now since any companie can still
get most of their address from AFRINIC cheaper than from IPv4 market

> So really, all brokers are doing (legitimately under policy) in Africa is
> facilitating the movement of addresses from those with excess to those with
> need. I don’t see this as anything other than good.

I will not mind inside-region transfer. Out of region sale is still pillage
of Africa like old colonial master do in the past and continue to do. And
like during slavery, during colonial era, the looter always have accomplice
inside the house who pretend to belong.

> Brokers are TOXIC to the trust in this community. Brokers are not very
> different from the Arms Dealers sell weapons on the many wars on both side
> we have experience (we will get out profit, irrespective of the cost to
> Africa).  They general have no other interest in the development of this
> continent.
> This is absurd. First of all, it’s hard to imagine how the movement of IP
> addresses would cause injury or death to anyone.

They both benefit from inflicting harm/deprivation on the victim.

> Second, as mentioned above, assuming the brokers are operating
> legitimately within policy (as many brokers do, and I would hope Alain
> intends to), then those brokers are not doing as you suggest. They are
> simply facilitating the movement of addresses from those with excess to
> those with need. This should, in the end, be somewhat of a benefit to the
> community.

Arm dealer also claim to be help some oppress part of the country defend

> While I’m not a big fan of the monetization of IP number resources in
> general, it is not the fault of brokers that this is occurring, and,
> whether I like it or not, the communities in the various RIRs have decided
> that this should be allowed under policy.

This communaute has not decide in same way. (out of region transfer)

> If you don’t like having a transfer policy, submit a proposal to repeal
> it. However, as long as there is such a policy, then brokers who operate
> within policy have a legitimate role and provide a useful service to the
> community.

I have no problem with inside-Africa transfer (and broker)
I have every problem with outside-Africa transfer (and broker)  - those are
the exploiter here to pillage IP from a continent that don't even have

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"
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