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[rpd] TRANSITIONING quickly to IPv6

Wed Jun 6 08:50:33 UTC 2018

One thing I strongly suggest: Do not use migration for IPv6, it confuses people.

Migration is when you move (as an example) from Windows XP to Windows Vista. You install a new operating system but the previous one is gone. You don't run them simultaneously.

The IETF has defined transition and coexistence mechanisms, NOT migration.

So, comparing with my previous OS example, migrating to IPv6 means removing ALL IPv4 (end-to-end) and installing only IPv6.

In general, we don't do that, we deploy IPv6, but we keep (at least in most of the "client" devices today), IPv4. Either we use dual-stack or any transition mechanism. So, there is a coexistence between both, IPv4 and IPv6.

In the future, yes, maybe we, at some point, start removing IPv4. But this is not a wise recommendation for end-users/end-networks.

This is very evident when you train people. They get confused, and also because in many languages, both words are not exactly equivalent (as in English seems to be, which actually is not ...).


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Asunto: Re: [rpd] Migrating quickly to IPv6

    Le 06/06/2018 à 01:31, S Moonesamy a écrit :
    > Hi Owen,
    > At 02:15 PM 05-06-2018, Owen DeLong wrote:
    >> OK, there's a difference in perspective about IPv6 being a replacement
    >> for IPv4 depending on the timeframe of your focus.
    > There was a presentation at RIPE in which it was stated that the pace of
    > adoption of IPv6 in the Internet appears to have slowed down over the
    > past 9 months.  Was that taken into consideration for the timeframe?
    Maybe it can be useful to readers to know which presentation you are
    talking about [1] .
    I have appreciated Geoff's study but  from my point of view the way
    people in africa may use/manage IPv6 in 2 or 5 years is yet unknown
    because you don't have enough data (kudos to projects like WIDER) .
    Generally you don't have unfortunately enough data coming from our
    continent; thus it's difficult to forecast exactly what can be the trend
    especially here.
    I believe in Africa, a major player here is governements on contrary of
    other regions. You may like it or not in many countries, you can't
    organise a meeting without their agreement, you can't use freely the
    internet without their agreement,etc... (I'm not a fan of that issue by
    the way)
    If some african countries find in IPv6 a real need to go forward, the
    curve of adoption may jump drastically.
    In addition, the second most important actor (again from my point of
    view) is the universities. I really really hope those here working
    within this area will understand me. We [2] are doing our best here but
    it's a combination of people/organisation.
    Of course I may be wrong but it's just a point of view :)
    By the way, it's #v6launch today :) . Announce your v6 prefixes; it will
    not hurt you ;)
    2. AUF - DRACGL
    Willy Manga
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