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[rpd] Comments on AFPUB-2018-V6-001-DRAFT01

Owen DeLong owen at
Sat Apr 28 02:20:39 UTC 2018

I oppose this policy.

It is absurd to hand out /31, /30, /29, etc.

If you need more than a /32, we should simply hand out a /28.

If you need more than a /28, we should hand out a /24, etc.

There’s no reason in IPv6 for non-aligned (nibble boundary) blocks to be handed out. It’s a complete waste of human resources and it makes things more error prone.

Rather, if we are going to open this particular can of worms, I’d like to see us model things more along the lines of the current ARIN policy:

1.	Figure out the number of end sites you expect to serve in your largest aggregation point
	in 3-5 years.
2.	Round that to a nibble boundary (with a 25% minimum free space) (1-12 end sites = 4 bits,
	13-192 end sites = 8 bits. 193-3,072 end sites = 12 bits, 3,073-49,152 end sites = 16 bits,
	49,153-786,432 = 20 bits, etc.)… Call this E.
3.	Figure out the number of aggregation points you expect to have in 3-5 years. Round that up
	to a nibble boundary with a 25% minimum free space (same as in step 2). Call this A.
4.	48-(A+E) = prefix size.

	Example: An ISP has 42,000 customers in it’s largest end site. It has 128 end sites.
		E = 16, A = 8, 48-(16+8) = 48-(24) = 24, this ISP should get a /24.


> On Apr 27, 2018, at 09:06 , JORDI PALET MARTINEZ <jordi.palet at> wrote:
> Below, in-line.
> Regards,
> Jordi
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> Fecha: viernes, 27 de abril de 2018, 17:56
> Para: JORDI PALET MARTINEZ <jordi.palet at>, <rpd at>
> Asunto: Re: [rpd] Comments on AFPUB-2018-V6-001-DRAFT01
>    Hi Jordi,
>    At 06:41 AM 27-04-2018, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
>> I'm not sure to completely understand your first question.
>> The smaller ISP will get from AfriNIC, by default, a /32.
>    It was about the default and whether the request will be more work 
>    for the organization requesting IPv6 address space.
> It doesn't change at all the work to be done! You just need to tell AfriNIC "I've x customers and I want to use /48" for each of them.
> I don't know the figures about the size of the ISP in Africa, the staff could provide some graphics, so we understand how many ISPs for example, have:
> - less than 50.000 customers (they should go for a /32)
> - 50.000 to 100.000 customers (go for a /31)
> - 100.000 to 200.000 customers (go for a /30)
> - 200.000 to 400.000 customers (go for a /29)
> - 400.000 to 800.000 customers (go for a /28)
> - 800.000 to 1.600.000 customers (go for a /27) 
> - and so on ...
> This is an easy approximation which also allows a regular increase in customers in most of the cases, but in 99% of the cases will work. It may not work if an ISP has now 50.000 customers and they have a huge investment plan to make 200.000 customers in very few months, but of course, they can then go back for more to AfriNIC.
>> Regarding IPv6 PI, I've another policy proposal to remove that. At 
>> this policy proposal I'm just clarifying and correcting languages, 
>> and references, that's why I don't tackle the relation to IPv4.
>> I'm clear that there will be IPv6-only ISPs very soon, so that why 
>> if looked at this as well. You need to look at them in order:
>    Thank you for the reference; I missed the other proposal.
>    Regards,
>    S. Moonesamy 
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