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[rpd] Appeal on AFPUB-2016-V4-001-DRAFT-07 Softlanding policy

Saul Stein saul at
Tue Mar 6 07:48:26 UTC 2018

Moderators, PLEASE!!!

This is off topic and not relevant.

This is an important mailing list to be subscribed to and I (and I am sure 
many others on this list)  do not wish to subjected to such degraded and 
most importantly, unsubstantiated attacks o a group of people.

As no constructive change is being proposed in this conversation, I don’t 
see how this is contributing the development of said policy and therefor off 
topic and not relevant here.

From: Kangamutima zabika Christophe [mailto:funga.roho at]
Sent: 06 March 2018 09:26 AM
To: Andrew Alston <andrew.alston at>; Owen DeLong 
<owen at>
Cc: rpd at
Subject: Re: [rpd] Appeal on AFPUB-2016-V4-001-DRAFT-07 Softlanding policy


Je ne pense pas que tu es le porte-parole des membres de la communauté. Ceux 
qui se sentent outragés s'exprimeront. Nous n'avons plus besoin d'argument 
du moment où le comité d'appel a déjà décidé en dernier ressort.

Tu n'as aucun droit de d'exiger à un membre de ce forum de discussion de 
dire ou de ne pas dire quelque chose.

Moi aumoins je ne suis ni larbin ni laquet d'une industrie vorace prêt à se 
jeter sur les ressources numériques africaine.

Moi je ne t'ai jamais imposé des orientations dans tes propos donc tu n'as 
pas le droit d'en faire autant si j'ai vraiment attaqué le comité comme tu 
le prétend ceux ci ont la latitude de me le faire savoir, ils n'ont pas 
besoin d'un porte-parole ou une marionnette à cet effet. Quant toi tu fais 
des attaques personnels, tu considères que ce sont des diatribes faites au 
nom de la communauté. Je persiste et signe la décision du comité d'appel 
constituait un mal jugé.

05.03.2018, 18:20, "Andrew Alston" <andrew.alston at 
<mailto:andrew.alston at> >:


Quite frankly, your reaction to the decision does yourself no favours.

Instead of arguing the merits of the policy and the problems with the appeal 
process as you view them, you have chosen to attack the appeals committee, 
and are now playing the race card.  Quite frankly, its boring, tiring and 
insulting.  It shows a weakness of argument and a weakness of character that 
you need to fall back to card that has no place in an open bottom up forum 
where the community has spoken.

You refer to this “fear of the whites” – who are these “whites” you keep 
referring to, who are these “imperialists”.

The definition of imperialism is defined by “a policy of extending a country’s 
power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other 
means”.  So firstly – I see no governments or countries involved here – I 
see an industry that has opposing view points – and that’s ok – but it does 
not amount of consensus – which is what is required for policy to pass *by 
agreement of this community at large who defined that process*

Now let me say this – for myself – your petty insults and deeply implied 
racist rhetoric actually makes me laugh – because if the best you can come 
up with to argue your point is stating that somehow policies around the 
assignment of integers is dominated by skin color, at least I have nothing 
to worry about if it ever gets to a proper intellectual and reasoned 
argument – so on that note – thank you for giving me (and I am sure others) 
a good laugh.

However, I, and again, judging by other responses on this list, have 
significant problems with you casting aspersions on the appeal committee, 
who was selected from across the continent, under a process approved by this 
community.  Your words are no insult to the so called “imperialists” – they 
are however an insult to the community as a whole.  I might point out that 
the chair of the appeal committee is on record actually supporting this 
policy (See the Mauritian PDP policy video) – to the point where I 
considered requesting recusal due to potential bias – I chose however to 
have faith in the fact that the committee would act with integrity and 
evaluate the process irrespective of their beliefs for or against the 
policy, and I believe that the committee did exactly that, evaluated the 
process by which consensus was declared and found it to be wanting as per 
the policies and procedures agreed to by this community.

So please – can you stop insulting the community who came up with the 
policies and processes, and the community who chose the members of the 
appeal committee, and the appeal committee itself, and other large segments 
of this industry, because you are showing yourself to lack of any form of 
integrity found in reasoned academic debate when you fall back to such 
pathetic stances that have no substance behind them and claims for which you 
have not a shred of evidence.


From: Kangamutima zabika Christophe [mailto:funga.roho at 
<mailto:funga.roho at> ]
Sent: 05 March 2018 19:48
To: Owen DeLong <owen at <mailto:owen at> >
Cc: rpd at <mailto:rpd at>
Subject: Re: [rpd] Appeal on AFPUB-2016-V4-001-DRAFT-07 Softlanding policy

Je ne pense pas non plus que la communauté d'internaute africain ait besoin 
de donneur des leçons comme vous pour réfléchir. J'ai donné mon avis et je 
l'assume qu'il plaise ou non. Au lieu de parler de racisme que je n'ai pas 
prononcé, lisez plutôt entre les lignes mes propos. Les écrits que vous 
apposé dans votre courriel ne vous confère en rien la sagesse dont vous 
prétendez. je persiste et signe C'EST MON AVIS ET JE L'ASSUME. Sachez aussi 
qu'en aparté plusieurs membres de la communauté m'ont clairement dit que 
cette décision provenait de la peur des BLANCS et de leurs menaces.

05.03.2018, 17:35, "Owen DeLong" <owen at <mailto:owen at> 
> Whether you recognize it or not, your message is an unwarranted ad hominem 
> attack on the appeals committee. Originally I was not going to dignify it 
> with a response, but since you come back to defend it without even 
> recognizing it for what it is, I feel compelled to respond.
> The process worked as intended and arrived at a fair and just outcome. 
> There was no consensus for this policy proposal. There was significant, 
> substantial, sustained objection to it. Im sorry you don’t like that, but 
> the use of hate speech and racist rhetoric to express your sour grapes 
> about that fact have no legitimate place in a civilized debate over issues 
> of substance.
> It is time to accept the final decision on this matter and move forward as 
> a community. If you still believe such a policy is needed, your time would 
> be better spent finding ways to address the flaws reported in the previous 
> proposal and submitting a new proposal to the community for further 
> debate. Insulting those who have donated their time and effort to serve 
> the community is as unseemly as it is useless to the process.
> Owen
>>  On Mar 5, 2018, at 08:15, Kangamutima zabika Christophe 
>> <funga.roho at <mailto:funga.roho at> > wrote:
>>  Je n'ai fais qu'user de mon droit de m'exprimer. Dans mes propos, il n y 
>> a aucune insulte, injures propos discourtois. Je réaffirme tous mes 
>> propos, j'en a endosse la responsabilité. Quant à celui qui a parlé 
>> d'impérialisme, pourquoi devrais je définir ce qu'il est déjà dans un 
>> dictionnaire, s'il se retrouve parmi ceux-là qu'il aille juste savourer 
>> son champagne parceque leurs manigances ont abouti à cette décision 
>> inique.
>>  Je n’arrêterai de m'exprimer que le jour où on m'excluera de cette 
>> espace de libre expression. Du moment où, mes propos reflètent les 
>> convictions de beaucoup des membres qui ont préféré gardé le silence face 
>> cette Bérézina.
>>  05.03.2018, 13:58, "Mark Elkins" <mje at 
>> <mailto:mje at> >:
>>>>  On 05/03/2018 14:42, Sander Steffann wrote:
>>>>   Hello,
>>>>>   Op 5 mrt. 2018, om 12:32 heeft Kangamutima zabika Christophe 
>>>>> <funga.roho at <mailto:funga.roho at> > het volgende 
>>>>> geschreven:
>>>>>   Chers membres du comité, votre lecture tronquée et partisane des 
>>>>> procédures vous dénoue de toute objectivité dans votre jugement.
>>>>   Can you please refrain from insulting the members of the committee? 
>>>> It's very unbecoming. They are volunteers for this community, and spend 
>>>> a significant of time and effort for the good of all of us. I realise 
>>>> it is frustrating that their findings don't align with yours, but 
>>>> insulting their objectivity is really not appropriate.
>>>>   Cheers,
>>>>   Sander
>>>  Thanks Sander - I was about to suggest the same.
>>>  Was this person's e-mails to this list not meant to be vetted before
>>>  publication - or was that someone else?
>>>  If not, I think they should be.
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