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[rpd] Competitions Tribunal Petition

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at
Thu Jan 18 14:14:47 UTC 2018

Dear Alan Levin,

I understand that you have a concern with two people posting to the RPD 
list using very similar names. Moderation of the RPD mailing list is the 
responsibility of the PDWG co-chairs, so I suggest that you refer your 
concern to them.

Best Regards ...


On 18/01/2018 12:08, Alan Levin wrote:
> Dear Chairperson and CEO
> The following looks like there is fraud happening at AfriNIC:
> On Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 11:21 PM, Jacob Odame-Baiden 
> <odamyte at <mailto:odamyte at>> wrote:
>     I am worried that this Jacob Odame might be impersonating my
>     account. I am an AFRINIC 25 Fellow and my exact name buy a
>     different email address is being used to communicate on this
>     forum. I will entreat admin to verify and deal with this.
>     I need to be sure that there is another Jacob.
> I am hoping as a small LIR and Internet Society activist, that you can 
> please pay attention and assist to provide some kind of decorum  :(
> Sincerely
> Alan Levin
>     On 30 Dec 2017 18:21, "Andrew Alston"
>     <Andrew.Alston at
>     <mailto:Andrew.Alston at>> wrote:
>         Ignoring the underlined bolder hyperbolic, let me comment
>         bluntly and simply:
>         I will do whatever I feel necessary to protect the industry in
>         which I work.  I will do whatever I feel necessary to protect
>         the consumers of internet services on this continent. I will
>         react to any threat that I see to the industry or to the
>         consumer - and I make no apologies for it.
>         We keep referring to how the “community” wants something or
>         doesn’t want it -  yet the reality is - we are a divided
>         community - divided on linguistic grounds - divided on
>         geographic grounds - divided on ideology.
>         The statements made about the will of the community as based
>         on the absurd notion that only one segment of the community
>         has any validity - and anyone who disagrees is not part of
>         said community or is some how the enemy - this is not the case
>         - but that is how it is portrayed.
>         I will not get into the specifics of any particular policy in
>         this email - but I will say this - should AfriNIC and the
>         policies by which it operates become a threat to the industry
>         at large in any portion of this continent - or compromise the
>         growth of internet penetration on this continent in violation
>         of section 3 of the bylaws - or act outside of the laws under
>         which it is governed - be they the companies act - the bylaws
>         - the competitions act - or the very procedures and policies
>         that have been ratified through legitimate board mandates -
>         then do not cry foul when people react - especially after
>         repeated warnings.
>         I am beyond threats - beyond intimidation - and quite frankly
>         beyond being cowed into submission by people claiming that is
>         what I am attempting. I act in the manner that I see best for
>         the industry - and if indeed there is no violation of the law
>         - and if indeed correct procedures and policies have been
>         followed - then my actions represent no threat.  The threat
>         only exists if you acknowledge wrong doing in the first instance.
>         As for wanting to do AfriNIC harm - you are incorrect in this
>         as well - I have no desire to do harm to AfriNIC - however -
>         the good of the industry and the African consumer outweighs
>         Afrinic - and if in sincere belief I am acting in the best
>         interests of those two groups and that requires that I act
>         against AfriNIC - so be it - it is not from a desire to do
>         harm - it is from a desire to protect an industry I hold dear
>         and that I have worked my entire adult life to promote across
>         large segments of this continent.
>         So yes - I am now taking actions - actions for which I make no
>         apologies - and which are the pure result of repeated and
>         ignored warnings about the consequences of actions.  It
>         strikes me - and maybe I am misreading this - that a
>         particular group of individuals are hell bent on seeing their
>         policies past - no matter the consequences to the industry -
>         and expect to have others let them behave in a matter that is
>         completely contrary to community consensus or the good of the
>         collective industry - that is naive in the extreme.
>         So in summary - I will act - always within the bounds of the
>         law - and to the best of my abi.oty - to protect the industry
>         - to protect the consumer - and I will make no apologies for this.
>         Andrew
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>         _____________________________
>         From: Jacob Odame <jacobodame00 at
>         <mailto:jacobodame00 at>>
>         Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2017 03:45
>         Subject: Re: [rpd] Competitions Tribunal Petition
>         To: Andrew Alston <andrew.alston at
>         <mailto:andrew.alston at>>
>         Cc: rpd <rpd at <mailto:rpd at>>
>         It is now brutally clear that Andrew's position is that *_he
>         is either right or righ_*t and that he will*_anything_* to
>         cause harm to our very own registry AfriNIC when his position
>         conflicts with that of the community.
>         It is also clear that he does not take the community's views
>         in any esteem and regard since*_he wants a government to force
>         the AfriNIC Board to push policies top down_* to us the community.
>         A very absurd situation.
>         I know that the appeal committee and AfriNIC Board will not
>         budge to threats and intimidation and will exercise good
>         judgement for the good of the entire community and not a
>         privileged, loud and malicious few. The continent*_should not
>         and cannot be held ransom_* by such individuals.
>         Jacob
>         On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 7:54 PM, Andrew Alston
>         <Andrew.Alston at
>         <mailto:Andrew.Alston at>> wrote:
>             Hi All,
>             Everything stated here is done in my personal capacity and
>             is not necessarily representative of the views of any
>             organization to which I am affiliated.
>             It is a sad day when it comes to this – but due to the
>             significant business risks imposed by the potential
>             ratification of the soft-landing policy, and the boards
>             lack of response to repeated queries as to AFRINIC’s
>             violation of Mauritian law – the time has come to now test
>             these potential violations and to see if there is any
>             recourse.
>             Since this document contains direct reference to issues of
>             policy that would normally fall under the RPD – I am
>             sending this to the list.  Those who wish to join the
>             petition to the competitions tribunal can print this –
>             sign it – and scan it back to me. This document will be
>             submitted to the competitions tribunal within the next 14
>             days – to give people a chance to digest its contents and
>             decide for themselves if they believe they wish to be
>             party to this action.
>             Note: As per the rules of the competitions tribunal – any
>             signatory on these documents will be confidential and the
>             names of the complainants will not be disclosed to AFRINIC
>             – so there is no risk of victimization here. Any signed
>             copies received by myself shall be held in strictest
>             confidence other than for the purposes of submission to
>             the commission.
>             Please also note – the submission of this petition shall
>             in no way prejudice the right to potential litigation
>             against AFRINIC should companies and individuals feel that
>             such is warranted.
>             Yours Sincerely
>             Andrew Alston
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