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[rpd] [arin-ppml] Revised: ARIN-2017-4: Remove Reciprocity Requirement for Inter-RIR Transfers

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Sep 12 13:04:06 UTC 2017

They are also discussing a proposal to strengthen the reciprocity requirement
and block transfers to RIRs that allow transfers to LIRs or NIRs which don’t have
a reciprocity requirement.


> On Sep 12, 2017, at 12:05 AM, Ernest <ernest at> wrote:
> FYI - the ARIN community is discussing an updated version of
> proposal 2017-4 that aims to remove the "reciprocity" requirement
> for inter RIR transfers.
> The proposal, if approved, would allow AFRINIC to receive IPv4
> addresses from ARIN even if our policies do not allow for ARIN to
> receive from AFRINIC.
> (Of course we would need a policy to allow for inter RIR transfers
> first).
> Full proposal text below.
> Ernest.
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> Subject: [arin-ppml] Revised: ARIN-2017-4: Remove Reciprocity
> Requirement for Inter-RIR Transfers
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> Draft Policy ARIN-2017-4: Remove Reciprocity Requirement for
> Inter-RIR Transfers
> Problem Statement:
> AFRINIC and LACNIC are currently considering one-way inter-RIR
> transfer proposals. Those RIR communities feel a one-way policy a
> policy that allows network operators in their regions to obtain
> space from another region and transfer it into AFRINIC and LACNIC
> may best meet the needs of the operators in that region.
> ARIN staff, in reply to an inquiry from AFRINIC, have formally
> indicated that ARINs 8.4 policy language will not allow ARIN to
> participate in such one-way transfers. The staff formally indicate
> to AFRINIC that the word reciprocal in 8.4 prohibits ARIN from
> allowing ARIN-registered space to transfer directly to AFRINIC (in
> this context).
> ARIN as a community should recognize that other RIR operator
> communities have different needs than we do. We should recognize that:
> - network operators in AFRINIC in LACNIC have need to obtain space
> in the market;
> - have reasons they think are important to not allow two-way
> transfers; and
> - we should understand that the history of the RIR system has led to
> LACNIC and AFRINIC having multiple orders of magnitude less IPv4
> address space than ARIN does.
> Policy statement:
> Add the following sentence after the first sentence of NRPM 8.4:
> Inter-RIR transfers may take place to an RIR with a non-reciprocal
> inter-RIR transfer policy only when the recipient RIR has an IPv4
> total inventory less than the average (mean) of the IPv4 total
> inventory among all of the RIRs.
> Timetable for implementation: Upon the ratification of any inter-RIR
> transfer policy at another RIR that is one-way as described in the
> problem statement.
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