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[rpd] IPv4 Soft Landing BIS

Mukom Akong T. mukom.tamon at
Sun Jul 30 07:52:24 UTC 2017

On 29 July 2017 at 21:21, Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at> wrote:

> But I do believe that it is not completely unreasonable to find a fair
> mechanism to distribute the remaining bits of IPv4 (for various use cases,
> perhaps not being overly aggressive at not only singling out some being
> more important than others, but also being more conservative about their
> fare share of the remaining space) while at the same time pushing for quick
> and early implementation of IPv6.

+ 1

I'd challenge this community to find out how to accomplish this.

> In fact, if there is a way to write the proposal such that it encourages
> the implementation of IPv6, that is an avenue worth exploring. I know there
> is language in the current proposal to suggest that an LIR or End User must
> demonstrate ownership of an IPv6 allocation (and if one is absent, obtain
> one as part of the IPv4 allocation application), but I think this is a bit
> is weak if we want to leverage the proposal to promote IPv6.

Simply showing an IPv6 allocation is extremely weak as to be useless
especially now that

a) If you already have IPv6, it doesn costs you anything
b) You can simply park your IPv6 allocation and not do any kind of

It'll be great to see the community come up with what constitutes a
reasonable prove of IPv6 deployment that depends fully on the requester
(not their customers etc).


> Well, one way is to let the remaining space float and be allocated based
> on current active policies. While I can see the case for this, I believe
> that despite Africa not being necessarily a unique case in the grand scheme
> of Internet things, it does present an opportunity for us to do/try
> something different that best utilizes the remaining IPv4 space, but not at
> the expense of IPv6; rather, in favor of it.

+1 again

For if this policy doesn't help drive IPv6 deployment, I wonder what it's
claim to 'Softlanding' is.

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