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[rpd] IPv4 Soft Landing BIS

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Jul 25 20:53:48 UTC 2017

> On Jul 24, 2017, at 23:55 , David Hilario <d.hilario at> wrote:
> Hi Noah,
>> Jackson
>> Thank you for pointing that out as Owen has this tendency of opposing
>> everything.
> Stating opinions with arguments for or against is not the same as
> opposing everything, and I cannot recall him doing any such things
> anyways.

Indeed, I have supported several policy proposals in the past.

If I believe a proposal has merit or is good for the community, I support it.

If I believe it will not improve the situation compared to the status quo, I will
oppose it.

This is my understanding of how the process is supposed to work. Unlike some, I will
almost always state my reasons for supporting or opposing a policy at least once.

Please, Jackson and Noah, explain to me where I have gone astray and failed to
perform my part in the policy development process. I will endeavor to do better.

>> He keeps denying supports all times and behaving as he has authority to
>> decide.
> I didn't perceive it that way, he does state the facts and indeed
> reminds certain community members of what the bottom up process is all
> about.
> I mostly enjoy reading his ideas and comments, they are usually really
> well thought out, I do not always agree with what he says, but such is
> the way of a community.
> We cannot all think and believe the same.

Thanks, David. Your kind words are appreciated.

I was not aware of any situation in which I had spoken as though I had any authority
to decide as obviously I have no such authority. I state my opinion on proposals
and when I feel it is necessary, I will also call attention to what I believe are
out-of-order attempts to circumvent the proper due process.

Calling for a fast track on this proposal is an example of an out-of-order attempt
to circumvent the proper due process, IMHO, and I don’t seem to be the only one who
has that opinion. Indeed, even the CEO has questioned if an emergency exists to justify
invoking section 3.6.

> We really should not allow mob rule to take over, even if people call for it.


> Can we stop harassing anyone who opposes ones view?
> Stating why one opposes something is enough, without having to start
> attacking people personally.

Indeed, I have the utmost respect and willingness to listen to anyone on this list
and I read nearly every post carefully. You will note that my posts nearly always
talk about the merits or lack of merit of a proposal and not about the authors or
other commenters, even when said authors or commenters respond with personal
criticisms of me.

> Bottom up process and consensus MUST be defended and left in place att all time.
> There is an agreed and documented process, there are WG-chairs, they
> can respond when addressed and given they have time.
> And there is even an appeal process in case we disagree with the WG-chairs.



>> Cheers,
>> Noah
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