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[rpd] IPv4 Soft Landing BIS

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Tue Jul 25 11:55:22 UTC 2017

Yes you do not recall. But I recall and Owen's stand on softlanding proposals is crystal clear. He is the chief opposer. Go back to the archives.

Not the way I recall it – I would say I have opposed soft landing far harder than Owen has, and I stand by my opposition.  I think the soft landing policies are bad for business, bad for the community, bad for the internet, increase the digital divide, and ultimately serve only to protect the interests of a few who are late to the game, at the expense of the consumers who can be connected today by companies that have actually invested and built networks.  I’ve said that over and over again, and hell, I wrote a policy to basically repeal the current soft landing policy.

Who are these others?

In a meeting – held in Pointe Noire – between a group of individuals – during lunch – a discussion was had – it was in French.  I happened to be standing at the back of the room (hey, it’s a public room, the doors were open, and well, people should be aware when discussing sensitive stuff that others might be around), and I had someone translate what was said – basically, it translated to “Forget the content, oppose, oppose, oppose, because defeat of consensus is easy if we do that”  Right after that – a whole bunch of people appeared at the microphone with little scraps of paper and read opposing messages to a variety of policies.  When called back to the microphone and questioned on their statements and positions – they had no clue what they had actually just said – and the nonsense came out.  The same occurred in Botswana – and the video footage clearly shows the scripts and the notes – go and watch the people standing in line reading their little scripts on the video footage – you’ll have your names.

If one has a sustained valid objection, why should it be ignored and
consensus declared?

Like what sustained objection?

Do you mean those counter policies that were withdrawn or what?

You mean the counter policy that was withdrawn in good faith under an agreement that both would be withdrawn and work would be done together?  You mean the counter proposal where despite repeated attempts to discuss both before and after the policy was proposed, the attempts were ignored and rebuffed?  Those counter policies?  The fact that this policy shouldn’t even exist anymore because of a commitment made by Alain – and then countered by his boss, Omo?  And yes – I will state – if necessary – under oath – in a sworn affidavit – that there was an agreement to withdraw both policies.

Do you mean suggestions made towards softlanding-BIS.?

Show me the evidence of this tendency.

See the video footage referred to above.

Yes Owen does have good ideas sometimes but most of the time he just opposes. This is my subjective view, so please note.

The key word here is subjective – and well – lets have some objective evidence – you are the one making the accusation – substantiate it – the burden of proof is on you as the accuser.

Which mob rule are you talking about?

See the statements made about the meeting in Pointe Noir of the OIF sponsored delegates


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