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[rpd] Soft Landing-SD (AFPUB-2017-V4-001-DRAFT-02)

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Mon Apr 10 08:18:47 UTC 2017

Dear all,

We followed all the discussion on the proposal and appreciate the
comments/suggestions provided. We have therefore reviewed the first draft
of "Soft Landing-SD" proposal accordingly.

We welcome any further comments/suggestion on this draft as applicable.
Specifically we will appreciate statement of support or opposition. In the
case of opposition we will appreciate specific reasons for the opposition.

Seun and Douglas - Co-Authors

<Begin Draft>
1. Summary of the problem being addressed by this proposal

The current Soft-Landing Policy describes how AFRINIC should manage
allocations/assignments from the last /8.

While the stated policy objective is to ensure that allocations/assignments
are managed in a manner that is acceptable to the AFRINIC community, there
is a general feeling from the AFRINIC community that certain provisions in
the policy are not consistent with this objective.

Specifically, the current Softlanding Policy:

   1. Allows a maximum allocation size of a /13 in Phase 1. The authors
   feel this is too large based on average allocation size, and can be abused.
   2. Allows organizations to request allocations/assignments without
   limiting the number of times or maximum size that can be requested. The
   authors of this policy feel this can advantage a few, mostly large
   organizations, at the expense of the general community, and can also be
   3. Does not make any specific provisions for new entrants. The authors
   feel that this might advantage existing organizations at the expense of new

2. Summary of how this proposal addresses the problem

This proposals tries to address these problems by:

   - Reducing the maximum prefix in phase 1. We arrived at this figure by
   looking at the average allocation prefix. We found the average to be
   between /17 and /16.
   - Disallowing allocation to organisations who have been allocated up to
   the maximum prefixes during each phase for certain duration.
   - Adjusted the maximum prefix for phase 2, to bring it closer to average
   allocation size.

3. Proposal

*Modify Section of the CPM to the following:*

Exhaustion Phase 1:

During this phase, allocation/assignment of address space will continue as
in the Current phase (/24 for a EU and /22 for a LIR) but the maximum will
change from /10 to /16.

*Modify Section of the CPM to the following :*

Exhaustion Phase 2

During this phase a minimum allocation/assignment size will be /24, and the
maximum will be /20 per allocation/assignment.

*Modify section 5.4.4 of the CPM to the following:*

For any LIR or End User requesting IPv4 address space during the Exhaustion
phases: An organization may request additional IPv4 address space in both
Phase 1 and Phase 2. However, such an organisation's total
allocations/assignments must not exceed the maximum allowable prefix of /16
for Exhaustion Phase 1 and /20 for Exhaustion Phase 2. Notwithstanding, an organization that has received the
maximum allowable prefix in each phase may request for another round of
allocation/assignment in the same phase (as per, after a 36
calendar months waiting period.

 4. Revision History

Version 2.0

   - Modification of maximum prefix allowed during phase 1 based on staff
   analysis and community feedback
   - Modification of section 2 of the proposal, specifically to provide
   justification for change in prefix which is based on community feedback and
   staff analysis
   - Re-wording and renumbering of section 5.4.4,  specifically to provide
   more clarity based on community feedback and ensure that exhaustion is
   steady enough. It also ensures that new entrants are granted sufficient
   opportunity to acquire space by disallowing early return of existing
   members who have reached their maximum prefix in the respective phases.
   - Addition of revision history to section 4

<End Draft>
Draft url:


*Seun Ojedeji,Federal University Oye-Ekitiweb:
<> Mobile: +2348035233535**alt email:
<http://goog_1872880453>seun.ojedeji at
<seun.ojedeji at>*

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