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[rpd] Re: [afnog] What are the major challenges in enabling Services to run on IPv6?

Ben Roberts Ben.Roberts at
Tue Oct 28 11:39:28 UTC 2014

Wow.  I'm not African but I live in Africa and like Mark and Andrew (who are African) have dedicated the largest part of my career building Networks and specifically IP networks in Africa.

Since it is a green playing field of investment then it’s a great job as we get to deploy the newest technology all the time.  My company has spent several hundred million dollars and about to spend a few hundred more on rolling out more network, Wireless, fibre, data centres to drive internet growth.

While I've done this I don’t think I have spent more than a few bucks on IPV6.  A few training courses, and a bit of practical thinking.

I really don’t see why you wouldn’t want to utilize the full features of the newest technology and equipment that 'We Africans' are laying out.

I'm not an expert in medicine or ebola, nor is my company involved in healthcare.  So I'll leave that to the experts in that subject, if nobody has objections.


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Liquid Telecommunications

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On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 01:03:48 PM Malick.Sy at wrote:

> Mark,
> Your basic premise is flawed. There is no cutoff date for
> IPv4 address so Facebook (if that is your customer’s way of making
> money) will keep working and that has nothing to do with v4 or v6. V4
> to v6 tunnel also brokers exist and are doing fine at the moment
> ( for example) and dual stack platforms also
> exist. So your panic about never getting to post on Facebook again, is
> misplaced and at worse, premature.

You mean like there is no cut-off date for BGP-3, RIP or IPX?

> I find it rather patronising while adding Zero value.
> This bit too

> So in my humble opinion, another major obstacle to enabling service on
> v6 (in Africa) or any form of technology, is the “smart-aleck” african
> mentality that keeps the continent in mental chains and subservient.
> The African trait which means they listen to respond, not to
> understand or evolve and they patronise ad nauseum.
> v6 should not yet be a priority to Africa as the reasons for the
> creation of v6 are not realities on the ground in Africa. Of course,
> we can flame all day about who is smarter or who has the quickest
> responses, the fact of the matter is African economies and brains
> should be focusing on ebola eradication, appropriate technology rather
> than “wishy washy” statements that only fill up our mailboxes with
> junk and only manifest the “always trying to keep up with the West”
> mentality. My 2 cents.

I am an African.

I may or may not have Ebola. But you're safe, it's high-tech version only communicable over IPv6.

> And yes, customers constantly ask me for IPv4 addresses, the more
> security conscious ones don’t want to have anything to do with v6.
> (for the record, I have v6 enabled on my home router and have not yet
> found a compelling use case for it, NONE..NADA so that was the reason
> for my initial mail asking about the priority of
> v6 in Africa, if you can give me a compelling use case for v6 at the
> access layer, not the core or the distribution layer, that would be
> great.)



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