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[rpd] AfriNIC policy AFPUB-2014-GEN-002-DRAFT-01 reject

Victor kc.touching at
Wed Oct 22 05:12:24 UTC 2014

In my opinion, the proposal itself intended to keep the resources within
the region and may prevent business investment in Africa which is not good
at all.

Technically how to define out-of-region is another question to discuss.
Without proper definition, this policy will NOT solve any problem which
stated initially "leaving staff to arbitrarily decide how to handle
Out-Of-Region requests". It simply create another problem "leaving staff to
arbitrarily decide how to DEFINE Out-Of-Region", providing extra execute to
reject some resources applications.

There is no reason to get it implement.


On 10/19/2014 11:52 AM, Vladimir Kangin wrote:

> Dear Community Members,
> I would like to comment on AFPUB-2014-GEN-002-DRAFT-01
> In my humble opinion the split 40/60% is not appropriate and
> "Out-Of-Region use" definition is something inappropriate for Internet
> in general. Why you do not offer 30/70% or 50/50%? How did you come up
> with 40/60% figures?
> The percentage of "Out-Of-Region use" cannot be indifferent to type of
> business companies do.
> For instance we take an African local ISP. Why they could need 40% of
> allocated space for use outside of Africa? It would eventually seduce
> them into sell/rent IPs only. Normally they would need less then 1%
> and in very rare cases only.
> Or for instance take a satellite services company that would like to
> focus on serving customers that Out-Of-Region. Then all is opposite and
> they need 1% of allocated space for infrastructure use at African
> Satellite HUB and the rest 99% will be on customer end. Will you close
> the door for such business?
> We can discuss many other options like VPNs, Clouds, CDNs etc but
> obviously 40% of Internet number resources for use by a member to be
> outside the region is not a solution. The approach shall be beneficial
> for Afrinic in a way of controlling resources as well as maintain
> attractiveness for businesses.
> I kindly request to consider my reject on AFPUB-2014-GEN-002-DRAFT-01.
> --
> Best regards,
> Vladimir Kangin
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