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[rpd] New proposal - "Mandatory requirements for registering assignments and sub-allocations" (AFPUB-2014-GEN-003-DRAFT-01)

Frank Habicht geier at
Sat Sep 27 06:52:43 UTC 2014


I'm very sorry, but I couldn't read beyond the first sentence.
Because it is too ironic. A customer got
"Error! Could not update the Whois Database. Hostmaster has been notified.
Syntax error in 20140926source: AFRINIC"
just yesterday, when trying to register an assignment.


On 9/26/2014 5:43 PM, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Dear members,
> We have received a new policy Proposal - "Mandatory requirements for
> registering assignments and sub-allocations" (AFPUB-2014-GEN-003-DRAFT-01)
> Draft Policy name: Mandatory requirements for registering assignments and
> sub-allocations
> Unique identifier: AFPUB-2014-GEN-003-DRAFT-01
> Status: New
> Submission Date: September 22, 2014
> Author: Jean Robert Hountomey
> URL:
> Short url:
> Text Below:
> 1.Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal
> The AFRINIC IPv4 Allocation policy - AFPUB-2005-v4-001 (1) guides the
> responsible management of unique IPv4 address space in the AFRINIC region.
> The document was implemented in May 17, 2006.
> In a document called “Creating Customer Assignments” (2) last Updated on
> Monday, 02 September 2013, AFRINIC has detailed the process of registering
> LIR network infrastructure and customer IP address assignments in the
> AFRINIC whois database. While the two documents are still applicable, the
> AFRINIC community has questioned at several occasions AFRINIC’s
> allocations. In addition few, AFRINIC Resource Members (3) have not
> registered their assignments in the AFRINIC database.
> 2.Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem
> This document merges the AFRINIC IPv4 Allocation policy and Creating
> Customer Assignments by introducing a section (section 9.7) into AFRINIC
> IPV4 Allocation Policy. In addition, the document makes mandatory the
> registration of all allocations and assignments in the AFRINIC database.
> Furthermore, the document gives the authority to AFRINIC staff to conduct
> any process after approbation by the community to reclaim resources from
> unregistered assignments / allocations / sub-allocation since they are
> considered invalid.
> 3. Proposal
> 3.1. Modification of section (8b) of the AFRINIC IPV4 Allocation policy by
> replacing “will be” by “must be".
> a. All communication with AFRINIC must be in English.
> b. All allocations and assignments must be registered in an AFRINIC
> database. Any unregistered assignments / allocations / sub-allocation will
> be considered invalid.
> The registration data (name, IP block/range, contacts, status, etc..) must
> be correct at all times. This is necessary to support network operations.
> 3.2 The proposal adds section (9.7) – “Mandatory Requirement for
> registering assignments” to AFRINIC IPV4 Allocation Policy.
> Assignment registration is important for several reasons:
> -To inform the Internet community which organization is using the IPv4
> address space, including the point of contact in case of operation
> problems, security
> -To ensure that the Resource Member has completed or is close to completing
> address space allocation such that the allocation of additional space is
> justified
> -Assignment Registration also helps AFRINIC in analyzing additional IPV4
> block request made by a Resource Member in an open transparent process
> -Assignments must include the following mandatory attributes regarding the
> assignee: inetnum, net name, descr, country, admin-c, tech-c, org
> and any other mandatory information required as defined by an AFRINIC policy.
> 3.2.1 Size of block and timeframe
> All IP block assignments equal or larger than a /29 made by an AFRINIC
> Resource Member for its own network or customer must be registered and
> documented in AFRINIC Whois database no later than seven (7) business days
> after the assignment.
> 3.2.2 Residential Customers
> When the assignment is for residential customers, the address blocks that
> are being used by equipment or customer service areas, by service must be
> registered (dialup access server, DSLAM/DSL access Server, WIFI Access
> Point, WIMAX Cell, Cloud infrastructure etc..) The Resource Member must
> specify in the AFRINIC whois database that the block is used for
> Residential Customers (netname, desc)
> 3.3.3 Confidentiality.
> It is understandable that for business requirement and customer information
> protection the Resource Member might be reluctant to provide these
> information in the public database. The information must be provided to
> AFRINIC for audit purpose under confidential agreement.
> The Resources assigned must still be registered in AFRINIC Whois database
> with the following exception:
> -netname and descr must describe the usage of the block
> -all other information can be the same as the Ressource Member's
> information with the understanding that he is liable for any issue related
> to the IP Block.
> 4.References:
> (1) IPv4 Allocation Policy (Assignment Policies and Guidelines)
> (2) Creating Customer Assignments
> (3) Definition of AFRINIC Resource Member
> *Useful urls:*
> Policy under discussion:
> Policy proposals:
> About the policy development process:
> Regards
> ---
> Seun Ojedeji & Adam Nelson
> PDWG Co-Chairs
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