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[rpd] Re: [afnog] A typical case of abuse of our resources!!!

Lu at
Fri Sep 19 12:45:07 UTC 2014

Hi everybody:

I feel it became very personal here,  the resource is using by our company and it is always used in the africa. And we do not do any emails as there is untrue claim about spam.

I am personally at every afrinic meeting and please, if you have question about me, go and ask me in person. 

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> On 2014Äê9ÔÂ19ÈÕ, at ÏÂÎç8:28, Kofi ANSA AKUFO <kofi.ansa at> wrote:
>> On 19 September 2014 15:46, Sunday Folayan <sfolayan at> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> On 19/09/2014 12:03, Kofi ANSA AKUFO wrote:
>> >>>> Amigo,
>> >>>>
>> >>>> When I last checked the policy space, there was nothing that
>> >>>> showed you lighting a candle, instead of this persistent
>> >>>> cursing of the darkness.
>> >>>>
>> >>>>> :) I wouldn't call it cursing of the darkness, but rather
>> >>>>> stimulating discussion to explore our policy processes and
>> >>>>> policies implemented to steer away from "lighting candles"
>> >>>>> that will be blown out quickly.
>> >>>>
>> >
>> > It would be blown away, if such candles are lit on a windy day. Of
>> > course, no one will notice if it is sunny as well.
>> >
>> > Would be great if people see you as stimulating discussions, and
>> > not belly-aching about the organization, its processes and the
>> > integrity of the management and staff. What looks visible here, is
>> > the prophet and not the message. Perhaps you need to change your
>> > tactics and method for a reasonable impact. Discretion is the
>> > greater part of valour.
>> >
>> > Sunday
>> >
>> >> Thanks for sharing your opinion. Could you be specific where any
>> >> staff of AFRINIC has been criticized in this post other than the
>> >> process and framework staff find themselves working in?
>> You wrote this ... "I know for sure some AFRINIC hostmasters did their
>> best to prevent this but then their efforts are over ridden by so
>> called management ..." here
>>  Is "So
>> Called Management" a normal grammatical construct?
>> >> I believe you been a board member can help to enlighten the
>> >> community about the processes and ADDRESS the issues rather than
>> >> shut down discussions.
>> Go and read my exploits and position with the now dead and buried
>> Academic policy, co-authored with Andrew Alston, who is now also a
>> Board member. We crooned, begged, preached and populated the mailing
>> lists took several mikes at Lusaka, Abidjan and lately Djobouti. Wake
>> up! There is no room for selective Amnesia here.
>> >> As a long standing board member let the community know whether
>> >> the board approved the first time allocation of /12 IPv4 to this
>> >> ORG?
>> The Board approves policies, not allocations. Show me where in the
>> rule, it tasks the Board with approving allocations?
>> > If yes why?
>> Not Applicable.
>> >> What policies framework was followed to approve this block?
>> Ask our hostmasters after the next hostmasters' report at the next
>> meeting in MU. If you want them to seek approval from you, propose a
>> policy in that regard.
> Why wait for the meeting in MU? As much as I can remember as an AFRINIC hostmaster, allocations greater than /16 IPv4 have to be approved by management and board based on hostmasters recommendation. To give you a heads up I have had my fingers burnt for going against the contrary of approving without management consent.
> So please let me know on what basis was /12 allocation approved?
> Do you believe the the example in question brought up is contributing to our regional development? If No what procedures should be put in place to reclaim such allocations?
>> >> This will help to enlighten the community about the flaws in our
>> >> processes and policies and sensitize many when it comes to voting
>> >> and implementation of policies.
>> Cool. I however have not seen anyone display some lack of
>> understanding of our policies here, rather the deliberate attempt to
>> pull down the house.
>> When I checked ....
>> I saw a Kofi ANSA AKUFO, IP Resource Analyst AFRINIC
>> June 2013 ¨C December 2013 (7 months)Ebene Mauritius
>> - - Handling of requests for AFRINIC membership.
>> - - Allocation and assignment of address space in response to approved
>> requests.
>> [Others deleted]
>> Perhaps the community should be asking you if it is ... Sour grapes?
> Come on Sunday lets not resort to personal attacks but rather address there issues in the discussion. Again lets address the issues.
>> If you have the slightest idea about how we can keep African Addresses
>> in Africa for the sake of Africans, bring it on. I will support you to
>> high heavens.
> Exactly - the first process is learning to ask the right questions. 
> Should we be asking "how to keep African Addresses in Africa for the sake of Africans" given the inherent globalization footprints of these internet resources?
> OR
> Should we be asking how to exploit the challenges and impact of current technologies (State of art Data Centers,Virtualization, City Surveillance Systems, R&D etc) which are gradually becoming defacto standards with our Regions Allocations to spark regional development.
> cheers
> K.
>> Sunday.
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