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[rpd] New proposal - "Out-Of-Region Use of AFRINIC Internet Number Resources" (AFPUB-2014-GEN-002-DRAFT-01)

Frank Habicht geier at
Sun Jul 6 11:21:52 UTC 2014

Hi Jackson,

On 7/5/2014 10:14 AM, Jackson Muthili wrote:
> Your view can be challenged on two grounds.
> 1. Region internet penetration is still low. Same time potential for
> growth is still high. Internet still powered by Ipv4 regardless of
> IPv6 hyperbole. I don't care if western and other world is migrating
> into Ipv6.

I wish someone (Owen) would make a much more attractive v6 content service.

> Fact is it has not yet happened. Ipv4 is therefore the fuel
> of Internet now and our region still need it for its internet growth!
> 2.Like ir or not Ipv6 much as being adopted is still long long way.

That could partly be because of certain people's amount of activity in this
area. Oh, and certain people's lack of activity.
Seems we are in different groups there.

> If
> those region who run out are still buying Ipv4 all over it tells you
> the picture of Ipv6 migration state.

they probably only need v4 to access your email or webserver. all else they
use v6 for.

> It is in 100% Africa best interest that we still have large reserve of
> ipv4 

so if you're on a nice street and see a bus coming, what do you do?
close your eyes? say "this is *my* nice street" ?

> and it is in pour 100% best interest this reserve DOES NOT - MUST
> NOT be stolen to be use outside Africa.

So as of now, is African ISP (LIR) company decides to use all of its IPs in
Europe(or Asia), and satys a registered company in Africa...
... that complies with AfriNIC policy, and can not be called "stealing"
so: would you agree that the proposed policy is an improvement?

In case it doesn't go far enough (for you), let's see if your proposal is

> I want policy to tag a ratio of 80-90% of Africa usage where usage
> means last mile user of the IP located in AFRICA.

Do IPs used in Africa from a VSAT hub in Europe count?

> You are right. Therefore let those legacies companies start their own
> registry and whois services and remove their IPs from the services of
> Afrinic and use their own? If your answer is no then stop closing your
> eye to fact that a service received MUST be paid for.

Then please start paying these companies for doing us the great service of
starting up an internet even before you were connected to it.
I'm pretty glad they are ok with a mere "thank you" from me and charge me
for their time and effort inventing things like DNS etc which I consider
pretty useful.

> Keeping your
> legacy information in whois services costs registry money but you want
> it for free I fail to see how you support this???

Starting up something called "AfriNIC" also did cost some money to RIPE NCC
and probably others/ Have you seen what they invoiced us?


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