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[rpd] Fwd: [members-discuss] Discussion about e-voting

Lu Heng at
Thu May 15 02:04:31 UTC 2014


Just to share:

I am at Ripe meeting as well, this year we have record breaking 1100
registered vote(how many actually voting we will see in few hours).
But this is not normal. Just back few years ago while Ripe has over
7000 members, the voting member are barely over 300. So consider the
amount of member Afrinic has, it in fact by ratio not that bad compare
to other regions.

I believe the problem here is not about how many people in fact are
voting today, it more about getting more training course and out reach
job done by Afrinic so make more active member in the community,
consider the challenge we have in Afrinic today(as adiel mentioned
that the accessibility of internet even varies by country, in which
largely not a problem in ripe or other region), it more come done to
infrastructure development of each country, that said, more out reach
and cooperation with local institutes like university or government,
especially more active commute between afrinic and its members, will
improve the future participation in the community, but that's a long
term job to be done.

On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 3:52 AM, Adiel Akplogan <adiel at> wrote:
> Kofi, this may give
>  you some answer to your questions. I’m currently at RIPE meeting and have been asking other RIRs what is the ratio of participation to their AGMM and election and it come out that they all have about 10% participation. So even if I agree a=that more is better, we are not doing that bad for where we are coming from.
> - a.
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Adiel Akplogan <adiel at>
>> Subject: Re: [members-discuss] Discussion about e-voting
>> Date: May 13, 2014 at 19:06:34 PM GMT+4
>> To: "members-discuss at List" <members-discuss at>
>> Hello Saul,
>> On May 12, 2014, at 16:28 PM, Saul <saul at> wrote:
>>> I think that it would be very useful for numerous reasons to get some
>>> statistics on voting last year (further back if possible).
>>> Each category to be broken down into: total, paper, e-vote and proxy
>>> 1) total membership voting
>>> 2) country participation level
>> For paper votes for years before 2013 we have to retrieve the information from our legal counsel as we handover everything to him after each election. We will try to get them.
>> As for e-voting, last year was the first time and we had 29 online votes from 12 countries (see repartition attached).
>> In 2013, we had in total 45 paper ballot votes (including just 2 by proxy). This make it to a total of 74 votes.
>>> Be interesting to see how many the members are actually and actively
>>> involved.
>> About 10% of member in good standing. While waiting for actual numbers, I can say that this ratio has consistently been the same over the past years (even without e-voting - then we had much more proxies).
>>> 4. A lot of comments have also suggested moving to 100% e-voting. That
>>> will be the ideal approach indeed, but my experience of our region
>>>> suggest me to request for a bit of caution here. This has been debated
>>> lengthy within the board during the revision of the current bylaws. It
>>>> appear that our objective should be to give as much chance as possible to
>>> members to express their votes. It is not inimaginable in our region >to
>>> have someone unable to vote online (for many reasons I will not try to
>>> list here), if that ever happen, they must have the ability to roll >back
>>> to other means of vote. What come up as evidence however is that we should
>>> gradually evolve toward getting ride of vote by proxy
>>> Adiel, you mention that you don't want to go into the reasons for not
>>> being able to e-vote, I'd be interested to hear them, since I'd think that
>>> e-voting should be a goal of AFRNIC & as such AFRINIC should be working to
>>> remove those stumbling blocks. Maybe this should be another thread…
>> Yes we can have a separate thread for that (I will even suggest that we organise a BoF on vote/e-voting in Djibouti if people are interested).
>> Indeed our goal is to use only e-voting but at the same time we are just trying to do it gradually (Our region is very diverse and the level of online access is equally diverse).  Most of the issues were on user/member side. Someone may not be able to have Internet connection in time (don’t ask me why …), someone else may not want to provide his ID to get a BPKI certificate to be able to vote online , someone may just not want to use online tool (because he/she does not trust bits) to represent his choice … (and it is will be his right) …
>> - a.
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