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[rpd] Fwd: Discussion about e-voting

Mark Elkins mje at
Mon May 12 15:53:29 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-05-12 at 18:42 +0400, Kofi ansa akufo wrote:
> Dear All
> 1. I am currently curious how individuals representing more than one
> registered and / or resource member currently proceeds to casting
> votes online.

I have posted on this subject a few postings ago....
I am perhaps a perfect example of this scenario.

> Does the person login with the same nic-handle or different
> nic-handles to cast multiple votes respectively?

The same NIC handle and Password to the same account.

Once in, there is a drop-down box to allow the representative (me, in
this case) to 'switch' to which ever entity I need to represent or
This is a very convenient way of managing different entities. 

> If by nic-handle wouldn't it be easy for voters to be identified by
> the entities the represent (e.g. organisation ids) at least as a
> secondary check prior to login to vote.

Generally, it is the entity that is the Member, not the person with the
NIC-Handle.. more correctly, it is the entity's voting representative
who can vote. There may be more than one person per entity who is
enabled to use that privilege, but there is only one vote per entity,
for example "Resource Member". 

> I ask this because this will facilitate implementation of dispensing
> machine for paper ballot sheets for those not able to exercise
> e-voting based on logic and eliminate ending one voting option before
> the other as well as human errors. Obviously NOT in the coming 2014
> elections but later.

> 2. Going forward IMHO I think we should discouraged multiple voting by
> an individual for different members since the probability of voting
> differently is low and this only goes to increase votes across one
> side only. A "polished form" of election rigging. I know some will
> argue one can still like gin with different credentials and vote one
> sided but then :)
> Could someone from the community enlighten me on this please.

I'm a Director of multiple, independent companies each with their own
resources and each members of AFRINIC in their own right. My fellow
Directors may prefer me to do all the voting because I understand a fair
amount of the 'Politics' of AFRINIC. Are you suggesting I should not be
allowed? That will not make them happy.

Board Members have a Vote. If they also represent a resource Member, are
you going to disenfranchise them that direct resource vote???

As you almost suggested, all I need to do then is sit down with various
collogues and have them login to my-afrinic and cast their vote
according to my suggestions.

Your suggestion will achieve inconvenience.

Simply creating extra NIC-Handles should not work as AFRINIC requires
the official Identity of everyone who wishes to use the e-voting

Posted on my own behalf - representing multiple AFRINIC resource

> Kofi

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