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Election process (was re: [rpd] AFRINIC Board Elections - 2014: Call for Nominations)

Mark Elkins mje at
Sat May 10 10:10:31 UTC 2014

On Sat, 2014-05-10 at 09:21 +0100, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Hello Mr Chair/nomcom,
> May we know if this suggestion from the community is going to be
> implemented for this coming election?

Firstly, NomCom does not run the elections. The job of NomCom
(Nominations Committee) is to provide suitable candidates for various
elections or appointments, Board Members, PDP Joint-Chairs, and NRO/ASO
> Thanks for the opportunity to participate in nomcom.

There are some logistics which people may be missing.
I see that there is a goal to move to 100% electronic voting, however
until then.....

Practically, the e-vote needs to be terminated some time before people
collect their ballot papers. This is so that the ballot papers can be
provided only to those entities allowed to vote because they have not
yet exercised that right via the e-vote. In order to do this, logically,
one needs to see which entities have used the e-vote so their
representatives are not also given a ballot paper to vote with.

From a convenience point of view, the e-vote cut-off time is the evening
before voting day. Names can then be checked. From the morning of voting
day, paper ballots are issued to all still legible voters. This takes
time. Paper Ballots are carried by their owners until they are
"exercised" later on in the afternoon. 

I guess that in the process of checking the names of entities who have
e-voted, one may also know how they have voted (though I might be
wrong). I personally have no issues with this as long as the e-vote
results are kept strictly confidential (as has been done).

Once all the paper ballots have been submitted and counted, the results
of the two systems can be safely merged into one election result and

Due to the fact that I represent more than one entity, I have more than
one vote to cast. Last year, I cast some by e-vote and some by ballot
paper. I was happy to see that the system worked.

Before asking for change, please carefully consider how one might do
this better whilst we have both e-votes and paper ballot votes.

... and I believe I have the general details and reasoning
correct... :-)

> Regards
> sent from Google nexus 4
> kindly excuse brevity and typos.
> On 10 May 2014 07:04, "Noah Maina" <mainanoa at> wrote:
>         ++1 suen
>         I would lean on this suggestion as it makes more sense and
>         both online counting and physical counting should be done
>         simultaneously.
>         Noah
>         You got into the party when we all have had a fair share of
>         the drinks ;)
>         The drunken part of me is therefore agreeing that the only fix
>         is to go electronic 100%. However the conscious part of me
>         still thinks it's not good ethics to have a voting means
>         shutdown before the other for the same election.
>         In view of this, I will suggest that while closing of online
>         voting is done a day before AGM, it's actual
>         unlocking/counting of votes should be done same time with
>         counting of paper based. This means that as staff clear a
>         member for online voting such member is struck out from the
>         members list.
>         Hope this is an acceptable compromise otherwise I am open to
>         why this isn't.
>         Regards
>         sent from Google nexus 4
>         kindly excuse brevity and typos.
>         On 9 May 2014 15:16, "Douglas Onyango" <ondouglas at>
>         wrote:
>                 Hi Seun, et al,
>                 Sorry I am joining the party  late, but given my
>                 experience on the
>                 Nomcom, my few cents are inline:
>                 On 8 May 2014 09:05, Seun Ojedeji
>                 <seun.ojedeji at> wrote:
>                 > - The electronic voting is starting before getting
>                 the opportunity to hear
>                 > from the contestants. In view of this, does it mean
>                 > 1. There will be no time when the contestant will
>                 speak to the community
>                 > (i.e the only information posted on the website is
>                 what will be used for
>                 > both at online and f2f voting)
>                 My recollection is that the comment period, and the
>                 feedback form
>                 specifically is designed to allow pre-f2f online
>                 engagement . It is
>                 Nomcom's expectation that by the time of the f2f, the
>                 electorate
>                 should have interacted via this platform to form an
>                 opinion on the
>                 candidate. It is also for this reason that the speech
>                 at the f2f is
>                 trimmed to a minuscule 2 or so minutes.
>                 > 2. The speech of the contestants will be uploaded
>                 before the electronic
>                 > voting starts and further speaking opportunity
>                 awarded to contestants
>                 > present at f2f
>                 In the past, recorded speeches have only been for
>                 candidates who are
>                 not at the f2f in person and as such this is not
>                 available to the
>                 public until the other candidates are speaking --
>                 typically minutes
>                 from the voting.
>                 > - The closing date for the online voting has been
>                 set to end before f2f; as
>                 > mentioned in the last AGM why does the online voting
>                 have to close earlier
>                 > than the f2f voting?
>                 The online vote has to be tallied and our current
>                 procedure specifies
>                 that the tallying happens before the elections which
>                 makes sense if
>                 you asked me because three trustees have to unlock the
>                 votes with
>                 their private keys around the same time. Leaving this
>                 until the paper
>                 ballot is tempting fate: Internet connectivity or one
>                 of the trustees
>                 may just not be present. This can jeopardize the
>                 entire exercise as
>                 there might not be enough time to fix the issue.
>                 On 8 May 2014 14:48, McTim <dogwallah at>
>                 wrote:
>                 > If I recall correctly, there is only one person (the
>                 CEO) who is able
>                 > to obtain the results
>                 > of the e-vote and he does this just before the f2f
>                 vote.
>                 Not entirely accurate. The online voting system is
>                 designed such that
>                 the result is unlocked and tallied by three trustees.
>                 These
>                 individuals have to validate the result and as such
>                 have knowledge of
>                 it.
>                 Regards,
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