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Election process (was re: [rpd] AFRINIC Board Elections - 2014: Call for Nominations)

Mark Elkins mje at
Thu May 8 20:07:44 UTC 2014

Strange - I'm only getting this e-mail now (from your gmail account)
Others have addressed this - but as its addressed to - I can't
resist ;-)

On Thu, 2014-05-08 at 09:05 +0100, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Hello Mr Chair,
> Thanks for this information, good to see that all the positions has a
> minimum contestant of 3 which is quite healthy for the entire process.
> I can see familiar names (with some surprises), i guess that is the
> fun part of an election :) and wish everyone all the best as they
> contest.
Yes - we have a reasonable quota of people, both old and new.
> I have observed with great concern that it seem some of the comments
> made during the last AGM in relation to the election process may not
> have been taken into consideration by nomcom. At least i remember the
> few ones i made (which i think some other people echoed):
> - The electronic voting is starting before getting the opportunity to
> hear from the contestants. In view of this, does it mean either of the
> following will happen:

Electronic voting will always happen before the candidates take the
floor and present themselves to the community. Currently, Electronic
votes are used by those people who can not attend the meeting
themselves. This is far better than paper proxies. However, the
Candidates are already known and have their profiles up for viewing - so
those who choose to e-vote can see who is there.
ie You can see the Candidates NOW, E-Voting still has to start.
> 1. There will be no time when the contestant will speak to the
> community (i.e the only information posted on the website is what will
> be used for both at online and f2f voting)

E-Votes close the evening before the day of on-site voting (so we know
who has voted and as such can not vote again).

Those present will see the candidates take a final opportunity to
present themselves. Those present then have an opportunity to also vote.

It is true, those who e-vote will only know new candidates from their
details on the election web-page. They should though know candidates who
have been around for a while.

Seun, seriously, if you were planning to stand for election, would you
wait for your profile to first be put up a few weeks before an election,
or would you rather have made your presence and intentions known perhaps
a year or more before???

> 2. The speech of the contestants will be uploaded before the
> electronic voting starts and further speaking opportunity awarded to
> contestants present at f2f
If you mean the 'final' speech, then, Why? What would the final speech
opportunities achieve - if we've all heard everything before hand? (If a
candidate can not be at the meeting, they may provide a video of their
presentation instead of this last opportunity.)

On the other hand, if by 'speech' - you mean their profiles, then Yes.
This is on the Elections Website page. Everyone can (and should) view
that information now.

> - The closing date for the online voting has been set to end before
> f2f; as mentioned in the last AGM why does the online voting have to
> close earlier than the f2f voting?

Its the same election - but we don't want to have the same people voting

>  since its the same election one means of voting should not be shut
> down before the other. Is it that there are no enough resources to
> make the online voting platform run concurrently?

The methods of voting are different and potentially not exclusive of
each other. We're human and might possibly take advantage of the
situation. Bad idea.
> One of the other point mentioned was that closing the online voting
> should be an event and the total number of votes from the online
> voting system should be made known to the community concurrently.

That may be a bad idea if done before the face-2-face voting was
completed. I'd find it interesting to though know the total number of
electronic votes and the total number of f2f votes though AFTER THE VOTE
IS COMPLETE - to better understand the success rates of the styles of

>  That is why its important to close the online voting same time with
> the f2f.

The only way I see this changing is if we were to have only Electronic
Voting. Currently, people seem to like the old ways. I believe it will
eventually change though.
> I like to thank you and your team for all the efforts towards ensuring
> a credible election.

Thank you. We have not finished yet though.

> Kind Regards
> PS: Speaking in my personal capacity.
> On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 3:34 PM, Mark Elkins <mje at> wrote:
>         Dear Colleagues,
>         Consequent to the call for nominations and subsequent
>         evaluation of
>         nominees by the Nominations Committee (NomCom), we are pleased
>         to
>         announce the following final slate of candidates for the
>         following
>         seats on the AFRINIC Board:
>         Indian Ocean:
>             Andrinirina Joël RANDRIANASOLO
>             Kris Seeburn
>             Subramanian Moonesamy
>         Central Africa:
>             Antoine Joseph Junior Tonye
>             Bope Domilongo Christian
>             NGNOULAYE Janvier
>             Andrew Kenningale Alston
>             Boubakar Barry
>             Hajanirina Ramboasalama
>             Ilunga Kabwika Serge
>         Full candidate information has been published at:
>         The community (and especially members) are hereby invited to
>         view
>         candidate details and express any objection or support about
>         the
>         suitability of the candidates for the board position using the
>         comment section at the URL above.
>         The public comment period will close on 26 May 2014 at
>         2000UTC.
>         Members that will not be able to attend and/or vote physically
>         at
>         the AGMM in Djibouti on 06 June 2014 are informed that there
>         is now
>         an option for electronic voting, which will start on 27th May
>         2014
>         until 05 June 2014 and will be conducted through the MyAFRINIC
>         portal -
>         More information is available at:
>         For any queries or clarification, please contact the
>         nominations
>         committee by email at:
>         nomcom2014 at
>         --
>         Mark J Elkins - AFRINIC 2014 Nominations Committee Chair
>         mje at - nomcom2014 (at)
>         Tel: +27.128070590  Cell: +27.826010496
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