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Election process (was re: [rpd] AFRINIC Board Elections - 2014: Call for Nominations)

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Thu May 8 13:26:02 UTC 2014

Hello Tim,
On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 1:56 PM, McTim <dogwallah at> wrote:

> Hi Seun,
> As a former Member of the AFRINIC Election Review Committee and former
> chair of the
> NomCom/Election Committee, let me offer my perspective inline below:
Thanks for your response, kindly find mine inset:


> > - The electronic voting is starting before getting the opportunity to
> hear
> > from the contestants. In view of this, does it mean either of the
> following
> > will happen:
> > 1. There will be no time when the contestant will speak to the community
> > (i.e the only information posted on the website is what will be used for
> > both at online and f2f voting)
> > 2. The speech of the contestants will be uploaded before the electronic
> > voting starts and further speaking opportunity awarded to contestants
> > present at f2f
> I imagine that election video will be made available as they are sent
> by the candidates.
> Based on this i imagine both options 1 and 2 will happen. Will appreciate
if current nomcom could kindly confirm this?

>  >
> > - The closing date for the online voting has been set to end before f2f;
> as
> > mentioned in the last AGM why does the online voting have to close
> earlier
> > than the f2f voting?
> There are several reasons for this.
> 1. to give the staff time to tabulate e-votes before election itself.
> 2. to exclude those who have e-voted from the f2f voting, otherwise
> there is an opportunity to vote more than once.
> Thanks for those vital points, while i will like to know the other
"several reasons" i will make my comments on the 2 important ones you've
mentioned above:

- For those 2 points above to be a reason means that there is definitely
some further development that needs to be done on the online voting
platform. The platform should be able to filter out already voted members
from those who haven’t

- Even if the current voting platform does not have such feature, it should
not take more than few min to manually filter out members who have not
voted using the online platform(especially if list of members in good
standing is readily available)

Once the filtering is clear, then its easy for the rest of the members
present at the f2f to either chose to vote online(during f2f) or vote by
paper ballot. Anyone who choose paper ballot will automatically not be
enabled to vote online. That way there won't be double voting possibilities
and those who are still remote up till AGM can still cast their vote
remotely during and after the realtime speeches of the candidates.

>  since its the same election one means of voting should
> > not be shut down before the other. Is it that there are no enough
> resources
> > to make the online voting platform run concurrently?
> see above, there is no alternative if we want to ensure that folks can
> only vote once.

kindly see my comments above on how i think it can be done and let me know
what part of the process i may have missed.

> > One of the other point mentioned was that closing the online voting
> should
> > be an event and the total number of votes from the online voting system
> > should be made known to the community concurrently. That is why its
> > important to close the online voting same time with the f2f.
> To do so would invalidate the election process IMHO.  If the results
> of online voting
> were known, it could/would have an effect on the f2f voting.   It is
> one election with 2 different voting methods.
> Releasing preliminary results will almost certainly skew the end result.
> Nope i am not saying release preliminary results, i am saying release the
results of the online voting and f2f concurrently! This will remove
possible "mindset" that some may be privileged to know the online voting
results prior to that of f2f


Kind Regards

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