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[rpd] Merges/Acquisitions/Closures document

Douglas Onyango ondouglas at
Thu Feb 20 11:16:30 UTC 2014

Hi Andrew,
> Now this to me looks distinctly like policy, though it has NOT been through
> the PDP list.

>From the abstract and the contents of this document, it is clear that
this is a set of guidelines meant to help members. Bearing in mind the
general relationship between policy and guidelines and also the
wording, I feel this guideline is in support rather than at a tangent
with any policy

So I would like to ask, does this document pre-date the PdP
> or did it bypass the PdP entirely?

Seeing that this is a guideline rather than a policy, I think this
question is moot.

> In either case, with it NOT being a document that has gone through the PdP,
> should a member or individual wish changes in this document, is it possible
> to propose policy that amends this document to address omissions etc?

I think the fundamentals of the PDP will reign here: If you can
establish that there is a current problem/gap and establish that the
best way to resolve it is through policy, then fundamentally: yes.
However, I am keen on understanding the nature of modifications you
would like. Me thinks updating the guideline will give you a better
turnaround time.

Notwithstanding the above, I would like to say your particular
predicament "8 Opcos bringing their resources under the same
administration" looks to me like a "Change in Operating Organisation"
which I believe is covered sufficiently by this guideline and other


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