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[AFRINIC-rpd] RE: IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment proposal

Andrew Alston aa at
Tue Sep 10 20:51:28 UTC 2013

As far as I am concerned and my reading of policy is that they can ask for
the following:

An IP allocation plan
Proof of infrastructure
Some indication of current utilisation of space (if you are an LIR, and
you assign space to a customer, you are meant to put that information into
the afrinic database anyway, and for internal assignment some data to show
that the space is being used, in whatever form you choose to provide it)
Proof that you are applying for a legal entity (be it a registered company
or a private individual in the case of PI space)

Beyond that, anything else I would argue is overreach, outside of current
policy and abuse of monopoly power.


On 2013/09/11 12:42 AM, "Keshwarsingh Nadan"
<keshwarsingh.nadan at> wrote:

>So according to the current policies in force, are they allowed to
>request such data ?
>Keshwarsingh NADAN
>From: Andrew Alston [alston.networks at] on behalf of Andrew
>Alston [aa at]
>Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 12:38 AM
>To: Keshwarsingh Nadan; rpd at
>Cc: McTim
>Subject: Re: [AFRINIC-rpd] RE: IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment
>I don't believe that AfriNIC should be asking for such data in the first
>place, never mind by policy.
>It is global standard that ISP's provide IP addressing plans and some
>proof of infrastructure before they are allocated IP's, beyond that, when
>it comes to how many clients a customer has connected at a given time or
>what configurations their routers contain or any other such data, this is
>none of their business, it is not requested by other RIR's, and it should
>not be requested by AfriNIC.
>Demanding and gathering such commercially sensitive data is nothing short
>of overreach and I would argue abuse of monopoly power (since AfriNIC is
>in effect a monopoly and any business wishing to participate in the ISP
>industry has to get resources from them in this region).
>On 2013/09/11 12:30 AM, "Keshwarsingh Nadan"
><keshwarsingh.nadan at> wrote:
>>"I don't think it needs to be written into policy.  it is perhaps a mere
>>suggestion that the RIR could make to an LIR for the convenience of the
>>LIR, well, convenient for both really.
>>I think it should be written.. Some of us are audited, like me. I cannot
>>send a graph just because AfriNIC asked for it! AfriNIC should have a
>>policy which justifies this request..
>>Keshwarsingh NADAN

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