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[AFRINIC-rpd] PDP discussions

Maye Diop mayediop at
Mon Jun 24 11:35:13 UTC 2013

Dear Andew,
I do work on the financial model and what I got is different from yours.
That's why I would like afrinic staff to make a
1) financial analysis which will make comparison with current policy and
2) geographic analysis which will allow to appreciate  @s' repartition
through africa region (north, south, est, ouest, central and indian ocean)
3) long or medium consequence about no need of any justification to get
back @s.
Best Regards,

2013/6/24 Andrew Alston <alston.networks at>

> Hi Maye,
> I do not understand how you can claim this is depriving AfriNIC of its
> revenues.  Let us look at some hard facts.
> Firstly, annual fees and application fees will still apply to any
> applications made under this policy, the policy does not change the fee
> structure in any way shape or form.  Secondly, irrespective of if the space
> is used under this policy or by other organisations, the money is still
> coming in.  The current revenues generated by already existent applications
> will also keep flowing.
> By the published figures at the meeting, if you extrapolate from the data
> provided in the financial slides based on the amount of revenue generated
> by new members, it averages out at under $4,000 per member.  Because of the
> size of the applications being generated by this policy, the fees generated
> on the application fees will actually be higher than that.  Further to
> this, AfriNIC is going to need a model to adjust the fees for the reality
> that IPv4 life span is limited anyway.
> Our application rate for new customers is also limited by the number of
> ISP's, and whats more due to the amount of consolidation on the continent
> within the corporate sector that is likely to occur in the coming
> months/years, the revenue fees are likely to decrease from that as well,
> since a merged organisation with multiple blocks will move from one
> category to the other, but the overall aggregate will reduce.
> I would seriously suggest that you actually do some financial modelling
> around this, and you will actually find that yes, running out of IPv4 may
> have an impact on the financial status of AfriNIC, but it can be addressed,
> and the same situation exists irrespective of this policy being passed or
> not.  The key difference is that without this policy while we may have more
> revenue coming in (and it won't be substantially more), it will be coming
> in from foreign sources who have taken our IP space off this continent for
> use in Asia, Europe and the States.  I once again stress that current
> policy does not preclude this from happening unless you refer to the soft
> landing policy.
> So, in summary, it comes to a choice, get the revenues albeit at a
> slightly lower rate, with a fairly drastic income in initial application
> fees from the initial applications this policy is likely to generate, or
> deprive yourself of revenues by slowing allocation rates by not passing the
> policy, or get the revenue from foreign entities who have taken our
> resources and left us with nothing (which I believe is not in the interests
> of this community AT ALL).
> Seriously, before we all panic, lets actually run the models, look at the
> numbers, and realise that this panic is over nothing.
> Andrew
> From: Maye Diop <mayediop at>
> Date: Monday 24 June 2013 11:56 AM
> To: Andrew Alston <alston.networks at>
> Cc: Adiel Akplogan <adiel at>, Bope Domilongo Christian <
> christianbope at>, Alan Barrett <apb at>, rpd <
> rpd at>
> Subject: Re: [AFRINIC-rpd] PDP discussions
> Dear All,
> I would like to express again my concern about this policy which is a
> strategy to hold our precious v4 adresses and deprive Afrinic from its
> unique source of revenues. Then how will AFRINIC continue serving this
> continent by providing training and support for internet growth?
> I call all board members and the whole community to take their
> responsability to avoid any action which will jeopardize afrinics' future.
> Best Regards,
> 2013/6/24 Andrew Alston <alston.networks at>
>> Hi Adiel,
>> Just a correction on the South African statistics, University of the Free
>> State has an ASN. University of Cape Town also has an ASN, Rhodes.
>> I also need to stress that while the UbuntuNet Alliance is registered as
>> "Netherlands", it is very clearly an African organisation with its sole
>> focus the connectivity of academic networks in Africa.  This is merely a
>> company registration that caused it to state Netherlands (which, while I
>> don't speak for the Alliance, if I am correct now also has a registration
>> in Malawi)
>> I do have to say that in these statistics, I find certain things very
>> telling and I think it clearly highlights just how much the policy under
>> discussion is needed across the continent.
>> Currently South African institutions with their legacy space are
>> utilising more than 10 times the space than their nigerian counterparts.
>>  The student base at HEI's in the respective countries seems to be pretty
>> similar from published statistics, this policy will address that imbalance
>> by providing access to space those those institutions in Nigeria.  It is
>> also very telling that there are single institutions in South Africa that
>> have more IP address space than the entire academic sector in Ghana, Egypt
>> and Congo DR combined!!!  This is the VERY reason this policy needs to
>> pass, because it will make it so much easier for these institutions to get
>> space and address the imbalance.
>> Thanks
>> Andrew
>> From: Adiel Akplogan <adiel at>
>> Date: Monday 24 June 2013 10:59 AM
>> To: Bope Domilongo Christian <christianbope at>
>> Cc: <rpd at>, Alan Barrett <apb at>
>> Subject: Re: [AFRINIC-rpd] PDP discussions
>> On 2013-06-21, at 11:44 AM, Bope Domilongo Christian <
>> christianbope at> wrote:
>> I would like to request to Afrinic to provide the current IPV4 allow to
>> all African Universities regionally.
>> The information is temporarily available at (this is :
>> thanks.
>> - a.
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