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[AFRINIC-rpd] AFRINIC Response to Government Calls for an Arab RIR

David Conrad drc at
Wed Feb 27 18:44:15 UTC 2013


On Feb 27, 2013, at 10:00 AM, Stephen Wilcox <steve.wilcox at> wrote:
> There's 5 RIRs,

I know, having been somewhat involved with a few of them for a while :).

> If the reason for wanting to carve a new RIR out of AfriNIC and RIPE is a political purpose, or some reason that is not generally part of what we think of as being the function of an RIR then we should see it as different and bringing a 6th RIR will bring a significant platform for politics to the global stage that does not now exist.

Back in the day, the same sorts of arguments were made against the establishment of AfriNIC and LACNIC (and APNIC and RIPE-NCC for that matter).  In all cases of the existing RIRs, what mattered was a "large consensus" of the ISPs within the proposed region existed that demonstrated to IANA (and later ICANN) that the RIR should be created and would be supported by their respective communities.

In the cases of South Asia NIC, Russia NIC, CIS NIC, Caribbean NIC, Middle East NIC (in the past), et al., there was no such consensus and the proposals for those RIRs faded away, only to be resurrected the next time someone saw a business or political advantage in creating a new RIR.  

This is why I argue the how/why the proposal gets initiated simply does not matter.  If there is a "large consensus" within the proposed region that the new RIR should exist, then the initiating rationale for the new RIR's creation is irrelevant.

> As members of AfriNIC and RIPE, the existing communities should decide if they want to break themselves up this way and introduce this new aspect.

Of course.  In fact, ICP-2 fundamentally requires it.

> I am hence suggesting it doesnt sound like a good idea, before it gathers too much momentum..

I would encourage emphasizing the reasons why a MENA-NIC or Arabic-NIC (or whatever) is unnecessary to meet the requirements of the ISPs within that community rather than focusing on "because ITU folks proposed it".  I think AfriNIC is doing a very good job in this regard.


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