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[AFRINIC-rpd] [AFRINIC-announce] AFRINIC Response to Government Calls for an Arab RIR

David Conrad drc at
Wed Feb 27 00:15:48 UTC 2013


On Feb 26, 2013, at 6:27 AM, Mouhamet Diop <mouhamet at> wrote:
> Because i see other requests coming all along the line , China, India, might or can also say that they represent by the size of their population , a raisonnable RIR, and Australia and/or Russia will raise the same issue regarding he size of the country.

As I've mentioned in a previous note, there have already been calls for the creation of other RIRs.  To date, none have progressed very far.  Perhaps things are different this time.

> And this is exactly what we call "Open the Boite of Pandore". It will be the beginning of the end for the Management system as we see it and as we know it.

Hasn't the exhaustion of the IPv4 free pool already dictated the end of the current management system, one way or another?  

> Maybe it is or it might be a natural or unavoidable evolution way for the management of the Critical Resources ?!!! 
> But the consequences of such approval are not predictable at that stage.

I believe both are true.  I suspect the question really is how will the existing structures evolve to deal with the changes inherent in moving from a non-scarcity based environment to one in which (at least some) resources are less constrained.  I personally think it would be (is) a mistake to try to apply the rationales/justifications/policies that were created to deal with a very different Internet and set of resource constraints to the Internet we're looking to in the future. 


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