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[AFRINIC-rpd] AFRINIC Response to Government Calls for an Arab RIR

David Conrad drc at
Tue Feb 26 19:48:21 UTC 2013


On Feb 26, 2013, at 11:04 AM, McTim <dogwallah at> wrote:
>   "According to the Address Supporting Organisation Memorandum of
>    Understanding (ASO MoU) it is the responsibility of ICANN to approve
>    the establishment of new RIRs."
> Is the Policy Development Working Group involved in the decision or is it some other group?

IIRC, historically, the implementation of ICP-2 has been an effort of the folks in the region(s) affected by the creation of the new RIR, IANA staff, the ASO, and ICANN's board.  However, the establishment of RIRs is sufficiently rare that process to implement ICP-2 policy will likely be developed ad hoc. 

Pragmatically speaking, I suspect ICANN's role will (continue to) be approval of a mutual agreement among all affected parties. That is, once everyone agrees (assuming they do) ICANN board will direct ICANN staff to simply verify that all the principles in ICP-2 have been met (in particular, the regional communities desires the creation of the new RIR) and if they are, magic happens.

WRT resources, since IANA's IPv4 pool is (essentially) empty, I'd imagine the new RIR would be allocated an IPv6 /12 and a block of ASNs only. I'd guess whether the new RIR would get IPv4 would largely depend on whether any of the RIRs with existing pools would be willing to transfer a /8.  Given current IPv4 distribution, this might get a bit ... sticky.

>> Which events?
> The email from Babusha Radhakissoon mentioned "last year's ITU WTSA and WCIT events".
> ...
> That is the "consultation" SM is talking about.

Ah, thanks, that clarifies.


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