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[AFRINIC-rpd] End-User vs. LIR for HEIs

Andrew Alston alston.networks at
Thu Jan 17 19:37:46 UTC 2013

Just as a note regarding what this policy says at this point.

3.7) HEIs will be classified as End Users under this policy, on provision of
a duly authorized letter from the institution management stating that
address space allocated will not be used outside of the campus/academic

What this actually says is that they are classified as End Users *IF* they
provide a letter stating they will not allocate outside of the institution.
Without that letter, they are still applying under normal LIR/EU
classifications.  The policy does NOT define all HEI's as End Users however.

Hence, while I believe the higher discount levels for HEI's acting as LIR's
are a very good idea, I do not believe that a change in the policy is
necessary to enable this.



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Hello all,

The matter of End-User vs. LIR status for HEIs has been discussed during the
last Board face to face meeting in Khartoum as followup to the discussion
that happened on this list some time back. 

Should we discuss if IP addresses should be Assigned OR Allocated to an HEI
Network (i.e End-User or LIR)? Should HEI Networks be pre-categorised as EU
or LIR by default no matter what their infrastructure and services are?

The board come to the conclusion that it may not be wise to by default tag a
specific type of organisation to the way they will use IP resources. The
definition of End-User and LIR should be the same and generic across the
border and should define based on how the Network Infrastructure is designed
and how the IP address assigned/allocated will be further used/managed down.

Now as the issue the HEIs seem to want to avoid is the fees they will have
to pay as LIR, it was suggested and agreed that the Board adopts a special
membership fees discount for HEIs who operate as LIRs (a discount a bit
higher than the currently applied to EU which is 50%). At the same time a
review of EU membership fees in general is being looked at. 

Discussion on the new fees structure for End-Users will be launch soon on
services at and members-discuss at mailing lists (Get on
them if you are not yet).

Now on a personal note, is it fair to assume that in some cases (big and
widely spread campus) HEIs will have more flexibility and advantage to be an
LIR because they can then more easily managed their allocations? [They can
assign, and sub-allocate to other affiliated schools and institutes (on or
out campus), store these assignments in the public WHOIS database. In a way
decentralising the management of their IP addresses pool. While as EU they
only get an assignment and they can not assigned or sub-allocated from
AFRINIC policy and public DB view point]

- a.
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