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[AfriNIC-rpd] Clarification about v6 PI space

Adiel Akplogan adiel at
Fri Jun 29 20:51:31 UTC 2012

On 2012-06-29, at 13:09 PM, Douglas Onyango wrote:

> ------------------------------------------
> End Users which will request IP address assignments from AFRINIC will
> pay an Assignment fee of USD 2,500 for the minimum allocation size and
> an annual flat USD 100 for maintenance/membership fee. Subsequent
> membership/maintenance fees will be collected in advance every 3
> (three) years.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> However lower, we see an "allocation:-) schedule" that suggests
> requests above /48 have different fee levied on them.
> I hope that AfriNIC will clarify as the policy above is very clear on this.

There are several aspects to this.

A. Till now IPv6 assignments/Allocations to already existing member has 
   no additional fee associated to it.

B. The wording in the IPv6 fee table on that page need a bit of cleanup 
   for clarity: 
   the PI (EU) should only reefer to Assignment (not Allocation). 
   The way I will interpret IPv6 only EU member fees here is that the 
   setup fee will follow the same scheme as for IPv6 only LIR and the 
   same recurring fee as for IPv4 E-U (i.e USD 100).


1. if you are an existing LIR or EU, you will get whichever size you justify 
at no additional cost.

2. If you are a new member requesting only IPv6 address you will be bound to 
pay the setup fee as described in the document with the same recurring fee
as an IPv4/ASN End-User.

I must admit that our IPv6 fee structure is something we need to review. We 
have already started exploring few options. It won't take long anymore before 
we have a complete and clear fee structure for IPv6.

Hope that help.


- a. 

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