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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Proposal: End user classification for Universities

SM sm at
Fri Jun 29 08:55:18 UTC 2012

At 23:23 28-06-2012, Mark Slingsby wrote:
>So what does this really effect? What else is different between a 
>LIR and end user? This only really sounds like a price issue. Am I wrong?

The price issue, for example, can be between choosing to be charged 
US $100 or US $22,500.

Although there is an effect on routing there hasn't been any mention 
of that.  There is an indirect impact on questions which are 
discussed at ICANN meetings.

At 00:25 29-06-2012, Duncan Martin wrote:
>Do we really need special End-User and LIR polcies for 
>univertsities?  Or do we just need to clarify for ourselves 
>generally how the rights and obligations of End-Users differ from 
>those of LIRs?

It's more about the definition for End-User.

>Then the only grounds for AfriNIC's insisting that an organisation 
>must register as a LIR rather than as an End-User would be that it 
>is acting as or intends to act as a LIR.

If an organization operates as a LIR it is not necessarily classified as one.

At 01:09 29-06-2012, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>  institution, it is on that basis that i will agree with his 
> points. Come to think of it, on which sector does the scenario 
> painted by university does not come up; An ISP(the real unarguable 
> LIR) releases IP to his client, but is client also uses the service 
> for cybercafe and provides wireless/home service to his own 
> clients, joining by Owen's explanation i guess we would now refer 
> the ISP's client as an LIR :-)

The cases could be as follows.  You are a service provider.  You are 
charging your customers for IPv4 address space without "releasing" 
the IPv4 addresses to the customers.  Are you a LIR because you are not an ISP?

You qualify as an End-User due to a clause in a policy.  Although it 
sounds like a "community-engagement activity", there isn't any 
community engagement in practice.


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