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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

SM sm at
Thu May 17 21:33:45 UTC 2012


I would like to thank the NomCom Chair at AFRINIC-16 for handling the 
delicate situation gracefully.

In my previous comments about the AfriNIC PDWG Election Process 
document, I did not mention NomCom as it seems like a decision 
falling under AfriNIC Ltd only.  This is the second time there has 
been an election has caused problems.  It's healthy for the community 
express itself and find a way to solve the problems.

The Election time line is structured in such a way that it is bound 
to cause problems in future.  It comes out as a system to elect a 
president than one where the community can find a volunteer to chair 
the PDWG.  Section 6 of Election Guidelines mentions that:

   "The NomCom shall review all completed nominations to verify that the
    nomination process is followed and shall review the nominations to
    determine that all nominees meet the general criteria for a PDWG chair."

It's mostly administrative than anything else as the criteria are 
straight-forward.   The "election process" tends to produce the 
number of candidates to match the seats available.    As someone 
mentioned during the meeting, it looks like a one-party-state 
election.  It was also mentioned that it is up to NomCom to find 
suitable candidates.  It's not an easy task but some body has to do it.

Elections are generally held once a year during which there are two 
meetings.  I suggest modifying the time line as follows:

   Call for nominations  - one month before meeting #1
   Close of nominations  - during meeting #1
   Comment period        - during meeting #1

It is left to NomCom to reopen nominations if it would like to 
encourage more candidates to apply.

   Election and results  - during meeting #2

Candidate eligibility:

   - Be a natural person residing in a country from the AfriNIC service region

   - Has participated in the PDWG within a year of the candidacy

I did not mention "not be RIR staff" as it is easier not to vote for 
them if they decide to stand. :-)  If the community wants someone who 
has the support of the AfriNIC membership, it is easy for it to 
express that through the vote.

There was the question of whether a director of AfriNIC Ltd or 
candidate director can stand for elections.  If the community does 
not like that, it can always vote against the candidate.  Someone 
mentioned that a region may not be represented if the person for that 
region has to recuse himself/herself.  There must be existing cases 
where a recusal was necessary to avoid conflict of interest.  The 
community has already expressed its views about good governance 
principles.  It has also commented about the candidate being 
committed to fulfill his/her term.

During the AfriNIC-13 meeting, the Chairman of the AfriNIC Board of 
Directors determined the consensus while the community nominated and 
selected the PDWG Chairs.  There wasn't any election rules.  It could 
be undemocratic by legal standards as it did not follow majority 
rule.  Only one person objected afterwards.


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