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[AfriNIC-rpd] Call for policy proposals and/or issues on AfriNIC PDP for AfriNIC-16

Douglas Onyango ondouglas at
Wed Feb 22 06:18:25 UTC 2012


On 21 February 2012 23:00, Fiona  Asonga <tespok at> wrote:

> My understanding is that it then seizes to be a global policy. At the RIR
> level it will be a regional policy in so far as
> 1. it can be implemented within the region
> 2. is addressing a situation within the control of the RIR
> 3. the community sees the policy as relevant enough for the region to
> implement it as a regional policy

This situation is unlikely (Reasons in email response to Badru)
> What we need is once a global policy expires or is abandoned and we have
> approved it how do we handle it. I think the author/s need to put it back
> onto the list for discussion like they would if one was to propose an
> amendment to an existing approved policy. In this case, the proposed
> amendment being to withdraw the entire policy. At that point the community
> would make a decision to withdraw the policy altogether or adopt it for the
> region and if it is being adopted for the region, what changes would the
> community like to see in order for it to be relevant to the region. This the
> community has a way of dealing with proposals that start as global but are
> abandoned.

I am all for this, unfortunately our PDP states in 5.1 that  "A draft
policy can be withdrawn by the author(s) by sending a notification to
the Resource Policy Discussion mailing list"

As I understand this, it exclude policies that are not in the draft stage

PS: I also recall during the development of the current PDP talking
about a visual of the PDP process, and I just thought we had
incorporated it.

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