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election controversy? - Re: Handover to new PDWG co-chairs [AfriNIC-rpd]

Kris Seeburn kseeburn at
Thu Jun 16 10:50:40 UTC 2011

I guess the point is made. We should somehow ensure some disparity in
support of the elections. I totally agree with Mark on the fact that
electing one for two years when he preferred One would have been a bit
odd. But surely it is a situation that sought approval from the community
and I think it does make pretty much sense to do so.

It is just the process or should I say the way the motion was brought to
the community that has created the whole situation. In which case my view
is from this point on the seeking of approval from the community is a must
and perhaps needs some enforcing of the same. Today at Afrinic level and
looking at the bylaws we are more inclined towards the Board election
procedures for all the seats. Perhaps at this point we need to see that a
vetted regularized process is put in place for NRO & PDWG.

It's a suggestion to be taken on board for the next meetings and
elections. I think we have some agreement on a point which is Approval
from community, but motions have to be carefully thought of. I think Mark,
it may be a point to be raised and taken up on the board for improvement
of this process. 

For this particular situation we have to admit it as already happened and
take note for further situations.


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Subject: Re: election controversy? - Re: Handover to new PDWG co-chairs

>On Thu, 2011-06-16 at 10:08 +0100, James Blessing wrote:
>> On 16/06/2011 03:37, Kris Seeburn wrote:
>> > This typical case was my apprehension last year with only one
>> > for elections. We had commonly decided although automatically elected.
>> > The nomcom then had prefered and certainly i prefered to go by roberts
>> > rule of order and still gave the voting / deciding part to the
>> > as whilst having an automatically elected candidate but the community
>> > could refute the candidate. We prefered to give the voice to the
>> > community.And i think the process was much more appreciated than just
>> > saying we declare elected. But these are different schools of
>> > I guess we have to move and adopt this as a procedure despite one
>> > candidate situation.
>> Er, surely the point is that there should be a single procedure that is
>> followed no matter how many candidates are put forward and how many are
>> being elected to stop this sort of confusion.
>Currently - the Election process for the Board is very tightly
>controlled. Only members in good standing - etc. I don't think we have
>many problems there.
>Unfortunately - volunteers for PDWG tend to be a bit thin on the ground.
>Anyone at the meeting can vote and generally this has been by a show of
>hands. ie - its generally more impromptu in nature. What was also
>unusual is from now on - we'd only vote on one PDWG Chair for a two year
>mandate. I'd love to see more than one volunteer next year but would be
>comfortable with a show (or count) of hands if there are multiple
>The same happens for the NRO representative election - which will be at
>the next meeting (if its needed). I'll obviously watch that very
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