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[AfriNIC-rpd] Agenda for AfriNIC-14 Public Policy Meeting

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Wed Jun 1 16:36:16 UTC 2011

The AfriNIC-14 Public Policy Meeting will be held at the Kunduchi 
Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 8 June and 9 June, 2011.  All times 
are local (UTC+3).  The agenda is as follows:

Wednesday 8 June, 2011

  14:30 - 16:00

   Introduction - Policy Development Process, and
   Report on Recently Approved Policies (10 minutes)

   Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA
   AFPUB-2011-v4-004-draft-01 - Philip Smith (10 minutes, no discussion)

   Global Policy for IPv4 Allocations by the IANA Post Exhaustion
   AFPUB-2010-v4-003-draft-02 (10 minutes, no discussion)

   Discussion of both above proposals (40 minutes)

   Limited Out of Region Allocation of IPv4 Resources
   AFPUB-2011-v4-003-draft-02 - Andrew Alston (40 minutes)

  16:20 - 18:00

   Addition of Real Contact Email into ASN Whois Bulk Data
   AFPUB-2010-GEN-007 (20 minutes)

   IPv4 Soft Landing Policy
   AFPUB-2010-v4-005-draft-04 - Douglas Onyango (60 minutes)

Thursday 9 June, 2011

  14:30 - 16:00

   Transfer of IPv4 Addresses to Any Entity
   AFPUB-2011-v4-001-draft-01 - Jackson Muthili (40 minutes)

   Reclamation of Allocated but Un-routed IPv4 Addresses
   AFPUB-2011-v4-002-draft-01 - Jackson Muthili (40 minutes)


If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you can still 
participate.  There will be an announcement about how to access the 
audio streams and the Jabber room for remote participation.

Alan Barrett and S. Moonesamy
Interim co-chairs, AfriNIC Policy Development Working Group

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