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[AfriNIC-rpd] Updated Version of the "IPv4 Soft Landing Policy" now Available Online

Andrew Alston aa at
Tue May 3 13:42:10 UTC 2011

Hi There,

I have a question about this policy development process.

As per section 5.3:

A final review of the draft policy is initiated by the Working Group
Chair(s) by sending an announcement to the Resource Policy Discussion
mailing list. The Last Call period shall be at least two weeks. The Working
Group Chair(s) shall evaluate the feedback received during the Public Policy
Meeting and during this period and decide whether consensus has been

If consensus is NOT achieved under last call, the current PDP does not
explicitly state what occurs.  I would assume that it gets referred back to
another public meeting and the process begins again, am I incorrect in

(In fact the current PDP by my reading not only excludes an explicit
statement of what happens if something doesn't pass last call, it is
completely silent on the matter)

If I am correct in this assumption and it is determined that consensus has
NOT been reached in last call, can this be moved back into the agenda for
Dar Es Salaam.  I ask this because time is running short, IP space is being
depleted and if this IS going to go back to a public meeting, then it would
make sense for it to do so in Dar Es Salaam, before we end up in a situation
WITHOUT the policy because of lack of consensus under last call and lack of
it being on the Tanzanian agenda.



On 2011/05/03 3:07 PM, "sm+afrinic at" <sm+afrinic at>

> Hi Andrew,
> At 02:35 03-05-2011, Andrew Alston wrote:
>> As per previous emails I need to raise concerns with aspects of this
>> document though because these have already been raised time and again on
>> this list, I would like to request discussion of these issues in Tanzania.
>> Once again I submit the following points:
> I am waiting for the author of the proposal and AfriNIC to resolve
> the "date of submission" issue so that the Last Call can start.
> This proposal is currently not on the agenda for Tanzania as it has
> gained consensus at the last AfriNIC meeting.  The concerns you have
> raised about this document will be taken into consideration as part
> of the Last Call.  The text in the latest version is the consensus as
> expressed during the last AfriNIC meeting.
>> I object to the above paragraph, STRONGLY and VEHEMENTLY for all the reasons
>> stated in multiple previous emails to this list.  The clause is
> I can assure you that your objection will be taken into account.
> I'll use a hypothetical case to explain the rationale if I have to
> make a decision.  Please consider it as a guideline and not a rule.
> Proposal: AfriNIC will not assign more than one hundred million IPv6
> addresses to a LIR.
> If there are two people who send a +1 for the above and one person
> who objects and substantiates the objection with technical points,
> the determination will be "there isn't consensus on this point".
> The author of the proposal, the two people in favor and the person
> objecting will be asked to discuss the matter and reach a
> compromise.  If these people cannot work things out, the co-chairs
> will have to figure out what to do.  As an individual comment, there
> is a presumption at my end that people act in good faith.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
> Interim co-chair, AfriNIC Policy Development Working Group

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