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[AfriNIC-rpd] Afrinic and RPKI

ALAIN AINA aalain at
Tue Feb 15 19:09:18 UTC 2011

On Feb 13, 2011, at 3:45 PM, Andrew Alston wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> While I was considering developing a policy proposal around RPKI in Africa,

What is the problem statement for the policy ??

> I figured before I attempt that one, and its a bit of a minefield, I’d like
> to open some discussion on the list about RPKI.

Great. We also have rpki-discuss at for RPKI related discussions.

> While I am not going to attempt to go into the details of RPKI in this
> email, and will leave that up to the reader to do some research (its a
> complex topic), I would like someone from AfriNIC to respond to the
> following questions that can help guide policy formation on this issue.

I will respond only  to RPKI part :-)

> A.) When a government declares that ISP X must be turned off, and issues
> AfriNIC with an order to turn them off, that is generated in a court in the
> country that the ISP resides in, how is AfriNIC planning on responding.

Not a RPKI issue

> B.) With the acceptance of RPKI we effectively allow outside forces to
> control the issuing and revocation of IP space,

Nope. RPKI reflects what  AfriNIC members and allocations databases say. If you are member and have resources, you will have a RPKI certificate to say so.

> and if we look at the
> actions taken recently in Tunisia, Egypt and rumour has it now in Algeria,
> is this really a road we want to walk down?

Nobody wants to go there. Open and free access to the Internet should a goal  for every net citizen. 

> C.) Has AfriNIC done any work with regards to RPKI to prepare for if this
> does become a reality?

For the RPKI, we have a CP and CPS and are looking at the legal related aspects with the Legal adviser. This does  include Legal aspects on the Internet Number resources management.

> Right now, I see the world discussing RPKI as a solution for IP hijacking,
> which is likely to become far more commonplace now that IP space is running
> out, at the same time, I see us being years away from RPKI implementations.
> (There is no code in the routers to support this yet,

 you can just use the RPKI  objects  to generate filters for  routers  for now. 

> there are immense
> technical and political hurdles to be crossed, and its a fundemental change
> to the way the Internet actually operates and in my opinion a grave threat
> to the autonomy of ISPs).  

I thought you were in favor of solutions  for  IP hijacking and  BGP threats :-)

> However, with the global debate on this
> increasing I think it would be irresponsible of us in the AfriNIC region if
> we did not start taking a long hard look at this and deciding how we as the
> African community want to respond.



> So, I’d like to issue an invitation for some discussion on this subject on
> the list.  Do some reading, do some research, and lets hear some thoughts so
> that we can develop some sensible policies around this within the community,
> before its far to late and we are forced to accept something implemented by
> the rest of the world without our thoughts being heard.
> I would strongly suggest reading
> Thanks
> Andrew Alston
> TENET – Chief technology Officer
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