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[AfriNIC-rpd] How to propose a proposal

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Fri Feb 11 07:10:46 UTC 2011


The Implementation Analysis and Recommendations on the Policy 
Development Process does not provide much guidance on how to propose 
a proposal.  Based on two of the proposals that were submitted 
recently, it seems like the policy web page does not provide adequate 
guidance for authors and the template could be better.  I suggest the 

  (a) The author(s) of a proposal sends an email to 
policy-submission at
      to request a unique identifier for the proposal.

  (b) Once the author receives the identifier, the proposal is posted to the
      RPD mailing list (rpd at in plain text format.

  (c) After the proposal has been posted to the RPD mailing list, it 
is published
      on the AfriNIC web site.

If the proposal updates an existing policy, "Updates:" can be used 
instead of "Obsoletes:".  The affiliation should be included if it is 
applicable; i.e. XYZ Ltd.  The first section provides an overview of 
the proposal.  The Changes section is to help people follow what was 
modified in the proposal.  It is not required as part of the template.

A sample proposal could be as follows:

Proposal:  AFPUB-2010-GEN-005
Title:     Policy Development Process in the AfriNIC service region
Author:    S. Moonesamy
            XYZ Ltd.
            sm+afrinic at
Version:   2
Date:      25 June, 2010
Obsoletes: AFPUB-2008-GEN-001

1. Introduction

    This document describes the AfriNIC Policy Development Process 
(PDP).  The initial policy development process (AFPUB-2004-GEN-001) 
used by AfriNIC was meant to be a transitional process.  This 
document adds procedures to the policy development process.

2. Procedure for submitting a proposal

    During the development of a policy, draft versions of the 
document are made available for review and comment by publishing them 
on the AfriNIC website and posting them to the Resource Policy 
Discussion mailing list.

Appendix A: Changes

   Section 4 changed so that replacement of a Chair is done by 
Working Group instead
   of Board of Directors
   Section 4 clarifies that Chair is selected by the AfriNIC community
   Section 5.4 changed so that Board of Directors can only approve a policy

S. Moonesamy 

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