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[AfriNIC-rpd] Call for Comments: Implementation Analysis and Recommendations on the Policy Development Process - AFPUB-2010

Mukom Akong T tamon at
Wed Feb 9 16:05:52 UTC 2011

Hello Dr Paulos,

Thank you for your feedback, please find responses inline:

On 2/9/11 1:46 PM, Dr Paulos Nyirenda wrote:
> 1. It has been recommended already that this policy needs a flow chart to clearly show
> the process flow for policies being processed by the PDP. As you may recall, a draft
> diagram or flow chart was started but it needs significant revision.
> I would like to recommend that AfriNIC Ltd completes this task and publish a flow chart
> to assist the community in the implementation of the PDP policy, especially in the light
> of the many issues that have been raised in this analysis.

We are working to revise update that flowchart which will also become 
part of the PDP documentation on the website, presentations and in 
factsheets. We will put drafts of it online and call for comments from 
the community before it becomes final to be used in official documentation.

> 2. I have made specific comments and suggestions on items in their respective locations
> here below.
>> 4.0 Timelines
>> Taking "D" as the date on which a public policy meeting starts, the
>> policy prescribes the following:
>> (a) D - 1 week  : Deadline for making any changes to a policy proposal.
>> (b) D - 2 weeks: Deadline for announcing the agenda of the public policy
>> meeting.
>> (c) D - 4 weeks : Duration for which a proposal must have been discussed
>> on the mailing list before it can be put on the agenda of the next
>> public policy meeting.
>> (d) D + 3 weeks: Deadline for the chairs to publish the minutes of
>> proceedings of the last public policy meeting.
>> (e) Two (2) weeks: Minimum duration of Last Call period. Time limit for
>> appealing a decision or action of the chairs.
>> (f) Six (6) months: Time after last call during which a proposal that
>> has reached consensus must both be ratified by the board and implemented
>> by AfriNIC Ltd unless a waiver is requested.
>> (g) One (1) calendar year :  Duration after which if the board does not
>> ratify a proposal, it expires.
> unless a revised copy is submitted.

Correct, this  will be updated.
>> (d) Administrative and logistical support provided by AfriNIC ltd to
>> facilitate the process: This shall take the form of the following:
>>   #Provide and maintain a mailing list for Policy Development Working
>> Group discussions as well as public archives on it.
>>   #Provide and maintain a section on AfriNIC´s website with all proposals
>> and existing policies
>>   #Organise at least two public policy meetings annually.
>>   #Provide technologies to enable people who can not make it to a meeting
>> take part in the deliberations (streaming audio, chat rooms, remote
>> presentation software)
>>   #Taking and publishing online the minutes of public policy meetings
> # Facilitating meetings of the PDPWG chairs including taking minutes and

When the need arises, AfriNIC will provide the logistics for such a 
meeting and ensure minutes are taken.

>   processing of
> other documentation as needed by the chairs.

So long as the AfriNIC staff involved does NOT have to make a judgement 
on the content of the policy proposal which may reflect how it gets 
interpreted and perceived.

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