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[AfriNIC-rpd] Implementation of afpol-pdp200707

Lillian O. Sharpley lillian at
Wed Dec 23 08:56:10 UTC 2009

Hello SM, sorry for the delay in replying to you, please see our reply to your
questions inline below.

Thank you again for your questions and involvement in the AfriNIC Policy
Development Process.


Lillian Sharpley
Communications Area Manager
(230) 466 6616

 On Wed, 16 Dec 2009 06:50:34 -0800, sm+afrinic wrote
> Hi Lillian,
> At 05:10 15-12-2009, Lillian O. Sharpley wrote:
> >We do not currently provide such reports, however, we generally send
> >announcements to the community once a new policy has been implemented. If you
> >would like information regarding implementation of a specific policy, please
> >contact us with an explanation of your requirements.
> I would like some information about the implementation of afpol-pdp200707.
> Is the history of proposals (date of proposal, date discussed at 
> public meeting, date of Last Call, date ratified by the Board, date 
> of implementation and status) available?

Yes, some of the history of the proposals is available through the pdp website
and through the RPD mailing list archive. Again, we realise this is an area of
weakness that is undergoing improvements. 
> When is an identifier assigned to a proposal?

An identifier which is referred to as the Policy (Proposal) Number is assigned
once the proposal is added to the table of policies under discussion.
> What is the procedure for submitting a new version of a 
> proposal?  Are the changes  documented?  Are the previous versions of 
> a proposal archived?

The procedure for submitting a new version of a proposal is not currently
addressed in the PDP. Therefore, is it acceptable to follow the same procedure
as when submitting a new policy proposal, which is to send to the PDP-MG (if
assistance is needed to write the proposal) or to the RPD mailing list using the
recommended template. Without the tracking system in place, these changes are at
times handled as edits from the author to the proposal and are not
systematically documented. In this case, we often rely on the archives of the
two mailing lists.

Let's use your current proposal as an example: now that you have resubmitted the
proposal using the required format, the proposal has been added to the policy
proposals under discussion list and a Policy Number has been assigned, however,
the version that was sent on day one will only be available through archives.
The version that was sent using the required format will be considered the first
official version. This is the procedure as it exists today.

As previously explained, we do not currently have a formal version tracking
system, however, we are planning to implement on under the new Document
Management System. We will continue to keep the community informed of this and
other corrective action measurements underway to improve the maintenance and
management of all documents related to the PDP. We also welcome any suggestions
from you and the community to improve this process.

> What is the procedure for implementing a policy once it has been 
> ratified by the Board?  When is the decision about the date of 
> implementation taken?

The procedure for implementing a policy once ratified by the Board is to first
send an announcement that the policy was ratified by the Board and will now be
implemented. The date implementation is typically consistent with the date the
announcement. Which was the case with your policy in question.
> What is the procedure for withdrawing a proposal?

At anytime, an author can withdraw a proposal by sending a message to the
mailing list. Once the request is received to withdraw, the status of the
proposal is changed to 'withdrawn' and the withdrawn proposal is moved to the
archive page under policies withdrawn.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
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