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[AfriNIC-rpd] Proposal for Policy Development Process in the AfriNIC service region]

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Thu Dec 10 14:49:25 UTC 2009

At 04:25 10-12-2009, Walubengo J wrote:
>there is something general i am noting and and agree - that perhaps 
>the AfriNIC meetings should have a secretariate that produces formal 
>summaries of ALL the 5day deliberations.

I assumed that AfriNIC had a secretariat for these meetings.  If it 
doesn't, then these AfriNIC meetings are being held in a haphazard manner.

>  However, I am note sure what the issue is with  the Public Policy 
> Discussions since the website seem to capture the process fairly 
> comprehensively @

AFPUB-2008-GEN-001 is dated 03 July 2007.  The Status is 
"Ratified".  The document does not specify when the policy was 
ratified and implemented.

AFPUB-2009-v4-001 is dated 16 February 2008.  A "Draft" version is 
available.  According to the status, it is still "Open for Discussion".

AFPUB-2009-v4-002 was approved on "021 May 2009".

AFPUB-2008-ASN-001 is dated 27 May 2009 and has been ratified.  The 
document does not say when the policy was 
implemented.  AFPUB-2009-ASN-001 is also dated 27 May 2009.  The 
summary for these two proposals are similar.  The summary says:

    "According to the current global policy (afpol-asn200708)"

I cannot find afpol-asn200708 on the webpage you mentioned.

I don't know whether this proposal is actually a "proposed policy 
under discussion" as there isn't any mention of it on the web site.

The webpage you mentioned lists AFPUB-2009-v4-001 as having "No 
Consensus" and being in Last call until 19-12-09.  The webpage at mentions that AFPUB-2009-v4-003 has 
"No Consensus" and it is in Last call until 19-12-09.  Is all that 
even in line with the AfriNIC Policy Development Process?

The executive summary is:

   There is a Policy Development Process.  Documents are published on  There isn't any issue as the community is happy.

That certainly looks good in a press release.  That's generally 
written by marketing departments.  If Marketing was in charge of 
routing packets, the problem of Internet access in Africa would be 
solved overnight.

S. Moonesamy 

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