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[AfriNIC-rpd] Re: rpd Digest, Vol 33, Issue 2

Badru Ntege ntegeb at
Tue Jan 13 04:51:39 UTC 2009

Hi Douglas 


My comments inline


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On the issue of shortening the allocation periods, rationale was that, when LIR's requisition address space, its easier to justify much bigger chuncks for the 12months even when they will not be used, so solution is is do 6 months and then we can include some threshold say 90% usage (which usage we shall need help on effective measuring both here and in other places in the proposal where its mentioned).


On this one I’m fully with  you.  Though we need a another mechanism to check that the resources are actaully used since the same justification can be used in 6 months and we end up in the same place just taking a different route.

On the issue raised by McTim, i think its an interesting one that may trigger a salvo of discussion, but IMHO, if we have the resources and we can reserve what is sufficient to get us going for another maybe 5 years, i don't see the the evil in availing the space to someone outside the region who needs it. Especially if there is something in it for us.


Let me wear my radical hat here.  First we traded natural resources for money and now claim we were screwed by the colonials, now we are saying sell our IP resources outside the region for money because they might need them more than us.  In the earlier N+X discussions one of the lines used was it would be commercially easier for the other regions to adopt newer v6 technonlogy than the afrinic region and thus we needed more.  Though some of the arguments were valid in the global community we could never get consensus due to many logical and ilogical arguments from all sides.   Why should we follow that by now agreeing that we sell our scarce resources outside our community to communities which still hold a mass of legacy resources and are not prepared to have them go back to a central pool.   My position on resources going out of the region is NO NO NO, though when it comes to the $$$$ it might never be enforcable.




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