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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPV4 Depletion issues and implications

Badru Ntege ntegeb at
Wed Mar 26 16:26:54 UTC 2008

> > a. Should a central pool be created to gather returned IP address
> > space?
> No, I think this should be handled by each RIR.
How about the situation of legacy allocations post depletion ??

> > How should this pool be administered and managed? Should this be
> > established by an inter-RIR policy?
> No, at this stage I think we consider some cases.

So one would say that we advocate a wait and see policy.  What would be the
implication for our region ??

> >        b. Is there a deleterious effect caused by the adoption of
> > differing
> > transfer policies in some regions that are more liberal than those
> > that
> > currently exist in the regions?
> This needs to be phrased in plain english but I attempt a response.
> I think that there will be a "deleterious effect" if some RIRs are
> dictated to by other RIRs. This will basically make things very
> difficult as members lose control of their own policy making roles and
> responsibilities.  So it will be far better to allow each RIR their
> own policy, although in my experience there is a sufficient cross
> pollination of policy makers to ensure that they are all aligned.
> >        c. Should an inter-RIR policy be developed for the purpose of
> > conducting transfers of Internet Number Resources between regions?
> I think not until we know more.
> How is this different from Qu1?

I think this refers to the issue of trading IP addresses from one region to
another.  Hypertheticaly post depletion if a US based company needs Ipv4
Resources and i have a /20 which i have not yet used but could collect
$20,000 from this big US company what happens there??.  Though current
policies do not allow this what happens if through the bottom up policy the
community passes a policy that allows this to hapen and as you mentioned
earlier the cross polination means that we pass the same policy in afrinic
what could be the implications to the RIR system as we know it ??


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