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رد: [AfriNIC-rpd] Global_Policy_IPv4_proposal

Hytham EL Nakhal hytham at
Sat Sep 15 23:03:28 UTC 2007

Hi Vincent,
Your correction is right, but that formula was in version1. version 2 which is now on the website without formula and you'll find the formula in the presentation of the proposal to explain how does the proposal work.
Thank you Vincent.


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الموضوع: Re: [AfriNIC-rpd] Global_Policy_IPv4_proposal

Hi All, 

I support this policy.

Just one correction though:


"2.1. Calculations for the final assignments

The remaining space will be distributed, by assigning each RIR five block units (/8s) and the remaining  space will be assigned to the RIR that submitted the last request. So for simplifing the process we can put the above describtion into equations; assuming that:

X is the IPv4 (/8) unit blocks available before the last request and R is the number of RIRs recognized by ICANN

T = 5*(/8)        ,where (T: Bolck to be assigned to each RIR by IANA)

Y = X - (5*R)     ,where (Y: Surplus of /8 after assignment of 5 /8 to each RIR)

------> I think this should be Y = X - (5*T)


B = T + Y         ,where (B: Final assignment for the last RIR request, which request IPv4 block from IANA when the threshold is reached) "


Otherwise, I think the policy is OK as it is. I wish we would have looked at _equitable distribution instead of _equal distribution as the needs of the different regions are different. But I think we all need to realise that IPv4 exhaustion will happen sooner or later no matter how much we try to prolong it's life time in the different regions. The best option is to deploy IPv6.

I hope we can get global consensus on this as soon as possible.



On Jul 9, 2007, at 9:37 PM, Hytham El-Nakhal wrote:

	Dear All,

	It's a long time since we met in AfriNIC-6 in Nigeria, where the first BoF meeting discuss the IPv4 exhaustion and it's impact on AfriNIC region. Before and after that meeting Roque, Francisco, Dr.Didier and me have been working on a proposal for equal distribution of the remaining IPv4 address space across the existing RIR regions (attached). Roque & Francisco from LACNIC region have submit it in the last LACNIC meeting and get consensus on it; and I'm here would like to propose it for discussion and comments through our AfriNIC mailing lists.

	Kindly, find the attached file.

	I'm waiting for your valuable feed back.

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