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[AfriNIC-rpd] end-site assignment policy

Colin Alston colin at
Mon Sep 10 09:25:09 UTC 2007

Hi all

I've decided to move this to RPD because I think it does have some 
relevance here (shoot me down if I'm wrong).

I noted on the IPv6 discussion list that per the IPv6 LIR allocation 
policy an LIR must "plan" to provide end-sites with IPv6 assignments 
within 12 months of receiving their allocation.

Two cases I'm looking at in particular is Internet Solutions 
(2001:4280::/32 allocated on 2006-09-13) and MTN-NS (2001:4260::/32 
allocated on 2006-06-06). Both these spaces (and there are others, but 
these interest me most because they are our upstreams - yes I'm 
selfish ;)) have not even been announced in the GRT for 12 months 
since they were allocated.
Now according to policy as I'm reading it IS has 3 days to provision 
IPv6 to an end-site or be in breach of the agreement, the latter has 
long since passed that mark.

Is there some wording I've missed? Is this clause enforceable? Can 
"plan" be defined for me?

Colin Alston <colin at>

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