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[AfriNIC-rpd] Do we push for more V4 or advocate dual stack ??

Mark J Elkins mje at
Thu Aug 30 12:32:27 UTC 2007

Frank wrote:
> Speaking here in a personal capacity about this earlier thread and with
> regards to the related thread on Central Pool IPv4 Exhaustion. 
> First of all, its not really an either/or issue (about the question of do we
> push for more v4 or advocate dial stack). I think its pretty clear as has
> been said earlier that they both go hand in hand. 
[stuff deleted]
> So with constesting demand for v4 consumption in the short term across all
> regions, JPNIC's policy proposal of waiting until there are 5 remaining /8s
> in the central pool makes a lot of sense. But it fundamentally does not give
> the late starting regions (i.e. Africa and  Latin America) of the world the
> benefit of the doubt as they grow their networks in the years ahead. 
> A good and fair policy should provide AfriNIC with extra /8 blocks to last
> this region for a grace period of 5 years after the central pool exhaustion
> date so that operators can ramp up their networks to levels operators in
> other regions got to years ago while being able to operate in a dual stack
> ipv6 transition environment.
> So  maybe 3 /8s for AfriNIC, 2 /8s for LACNIC and 1 /8 for the other 3 more
> advanced regions could work better when the pool gets to 8 /8s remaining.
> The policy could even provide for a return of completely unused /8 blocks
> after that specified post-exhaust grace period expires.
Sorry - I have to disagree..
If we go with JPNIC's proposal - and split evenly the last 5 x /8's -
AfriNIC will (looking at current growth) still have unused IPv4 many
years after the others have run out. This is possibly bad - perhaps we
should have less space? IPv4 address space will be like selling second
hand equipment - thats incompatible with the rest of the world.

We really need to ignore the IPv4 problem and go for moving into IPv6.
We really have enough IPv4 already to outlast the others..
but I'd still go for the JPNIC proposal.

On the other hand - I'm all for hoarding some IPv4 at AfriNIC - for the
sole use of new startups - just for giving IPv4 addresses to core systems.

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