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[AfriNIC-rpd] Do we push for more V4 or advocate dual stack ??

Mark J Elkins mje at
Fri Aug 17 07:41:23 UTC 2007

Badru Ntege wrote:
> In a way I would like to hear from some of those on this list with V6
> allocations.
There is not many of us.

Short term almost has to be dual stack. Even Mikrotik now supports IPv6
(OK - so its Beta - but it works!).
Dual Stack for now means running both IPv4 and IPv6 on Routers, Servers
and WorkStations.

The road map should be along the lines of....

1 - Get IPv6 on the core and out to the Internet, feed it locally to any
exchange points and major customers or other links or interconnects
where others can then run with it (ie - don't block IPv6 progress). Also
put it at your support desk - so you can test routes with traceroute6.

2 - Get IPv6 on to your Servers (Web, Mail - etc). Thus - clients from
anywhere can now see your hosted info. This is very easy once IPv6 is in
your core - just a touch more difficult for Virtual Servers and anything
"managed" - ie a Hosting room for customers.

3 - Reach out to your own clients - those that do their own hosting, get
them connected. This has a huge educational implication - most folk will
not understand or appreciate the urgency.

4 - Provide IPv6 addresses to your own Access customers (Dialup, ADSL,
Wireless - etc). This can start in parallel with the previous point.

Just because the world runs out of New IPv4 addresses does not mean that
it suddenly gets switched off. Its here to stay for many years. Where is
the need for more addresses? - I'd expect the answer to be <<in the
"access" world>>. They (these new people with only IPv6 addresses) need
to get to the servers of the "Established" world.. hence the primary
focus on getting Servers equipped with IPv6. I believe new Servers will
be able to get an IPv4 address for quite a few years - soaking up unused
parts of IPv4 blocks used for hosting rooms/centers.

I've still to meet a managed switch with an IPv6 address (discounting
using a Mikrotik as a switch)... ie a 3Com, HP, Planet or Cisco 24 port,
stand alone switch.
Same goes for VoIP phones - though Snom can't be far off - as they use
embedded Linux.

However - both of the above can be kept internal and supported on an
RFC1918 address?

Despite my own enthusiasm - I'm still on steps 1 and 2.

I don't see "winners" in this transition - but there could be  "loosers"
.... let it just not happen on our continent.

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