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[AfriNIC-rpd] Re: [IOZ] Fwd: AfriNIC position on the future of IP number resources

Mon Aug 6 09:31:11 UTC 2007

Hi Colin,

You should NEVER pay extra for IPv6 service, just look for an alternative
upstream. The total bandwidth is the same. You're not going to carry more
traffic because you have both IPv4 and IPv6 !

And as said, we can provide free transit if that's an issue.

TENET is part of OCCAID and they may be able to provide transit under the
GIPS program, but I'm not sure what is the status about that. Andrew could
confirm. The alternative is a tunnel to our OCCAID POP in Madrid or London.
I don't think the difference will be very significant.

It is not correct about BGP4+ in tunnels. Most of the transits, including
OCCAID, do BGP4+ even for IPv6 PI prefixes, so again I guess this is a
misconception or having the wrong contacts :-( In fact I've never been in
the situation of anyone not willing to provide BGP4+ in a tunnel !

I completely disagree about your view of the transition. If we don't start
with tunnels, transition will be slower. We really need to work with tunnels
when no other choice, instead of understanding that as a showstopper.
Situation only improves with pressure in all the fronts, and many tunnels to
one upstream tell them "yes, there is demand, let's go for native ASAP".


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> Fecha: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 10:38:39 +0200
> Para: <jordi.palet at>, AfriNIC Resource Policy Discussion List
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> Asunto: Re: [AfriNIC-rpd] Re: [IOZ] Fwd: AfriNIC position on the future of IP
> number resources
> On 06/08/2007 10:07 JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
>> So who can say anymore there is an issue ?
> Me.
> In ZA there is no second or third tier IPv6 provisioned at reasonable
> cost. I understand Verizon used to provide it to their large customers
> - at a totally separate cost rather than dual-stacked which should be
> provisioned at no cost.
> Internet Solutions have an IPv6 prefix which they used to announce -
> they say they do not provide IPv6 when you ask for it.
> MTN-NS have a /32, they do not announce or provide transit.
> TENET have transit and announce it - but they aren't a public ISP so
> that is of no use to anyone except a TEI/U.
> Last but not least I've been following Posix, but it seems like
> getting transit there would be costly for our purposes.
> All in all. If you're an end user or end site - no one gives you IPv6.
> Sure there are tunneling options, but they aren't feasible, and few
> places will actually BGP4+ peer with you over anything other than
> native, which is totally understandable IMHO because having convoluted
> tunnels all over the place does not meet the goal of transition. We
> don't want a situation where everyone becomes IPv6 compliant - but
> half the earth still relies on IPv4 for their tunnels.
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