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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPv4 BoF report

Fri May 18 13:25:11 UTC 2007

Hi Andrew, all,

I already indicated in the meeting that I'm going to start a special action
to help people to deploy 6to4 relays and Teredo Servers+Relays. I guess this
will be clear for those that didn't attended once the minutes are published.

I will probably start this next week thru the IPv6 in Africa mail exploder.

If anyone in this list is interested in that, please make sure to subscribe.
You need to send an email to afripv6-discuss-request at, with
subscribe in the subject, or via this link

More instructions and archive via

I think it will be good if the staff can send a reminder to all the members
(which not necessarily are in the policy mail exploder) and especially those
that have already got an IPv6 allocation (even if they are already using

Moreover, I've been working in a document regarding the IPv4 Exhaustion and
the alternatives. The document is already 21 pages, but I'm only going to
add a few graphics with timelines for the possible results of the different
alternatives. I'm not going to publish this document now, but if someone is
interested in reading the draft and hopefully provide some inputs, I will
more than happy to send it.


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> Conversación: [AfriNIC-rpd] IPv4 BoF report
> Asunto: RE: [AfriNIC-rpd] IPv4 BoF report
> Hi Alain and others,
>> 1- The points are  not listed by preference or priority.
>> 2- Bigger players from other regions  have more impact on IANA pool
>> exhaustion 
>> which will affect our region.
>> So what to do to get our operators and users to avoid   the surprise which
>> may be the non availability of ressources in AfriNIC pool when IANA's pool
>> will be exhausted.
> Ok, now THOSE are points that I can see.  How do we avoid the surprise... the
> fact is, this is about constant awareness.  I don't believe that attempting to
> lengthen the life of IPv4 will help avoid the surprise, if anything it will
> give people a false sense of security that it can be lengthened.  Is it not
> just time to say lets face it, if we're lucky, we have 30 months left of v4
> space, therefore it becomes a case of pure v6 promotion rather than wasting
> resources attempting to rework already allocated v4 space.
> How about we start for example promoting the use of internal v6 with 6to4 edge
> gateways as a replacement to NAT for people who cant get native v6 from their
> ISP, but can run v6 internally.  That means that they could get their P.I
> blocks so long if their ISP's wont assign PA and when they are ready to do so,
> they could announce them, until such time, they can use it internally and
> translate to the outside world.  Even the ISPs that ARENT ready to actively
> announce their v6 and use it to their edges could at least start assigning for
> this purpose for people who don¹t need P.I space.  (The ISP's in South Africa
> for example might not be ready to roll v6 to their customers, but they have
> LIR blocks, why not assign!)
> Let's stop attempting to solve the problems of the past... as with life
> support systems, there comes a point where you have to sadly turn off the life
> support and move on, v4 is at that point in my belief, lets concentrate on the
> future, not the past.
> Just my opinions, however radical they may seem :)
> Andrew
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