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[AfriNIC-rpd] New policy proposal: IPv6 ULA-central

Alain Patrick AINA aalain at
Wed Apr 4 17:10:04 UTC 2007

> > I'd like the proposal to at least acknowledge that coordination with
> > other organisations will be necessary.  I also wonder what happens if
> > the RIRs all get together and create a registry, but the IETF and/or
> > IANA decides to contract the function out to some other party.  I also
> > wonder what happens if multiple independent organisations all decide
> > "let's start a ULA registry" but don't know about each other and don't
> > talk to each other.
> There is a starting point here: The IETF work is going to be advanced in
> parallel with the PDP process, but IETF always instructs IANA, and IANA
> always allocate to the RIRs. If that is going to change, the problem here
> is a different one, not just for this policy, I guess ?
> Actually one of my reasons for doing this policy proposal (in addition to
> the need for this ULA-central allocations) is to avoid the risk of *other*
> authorities different from the RIRs to take care of this (could be IANA
> itself, but what I understood from them is that they don't have interest if
> the RIRs do the job).

I don't see how this policy will oblige IETF and/or IANA to  give this job to 

If we want the RIRs  to this job, then let talk about  the operational  issues 
regarding adding the ULA-central registry services to the current ones. Geoff 
raised some interesting points, we can use as starter.

And if  we don't have to, i will like to hear from the RIRs.


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