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[AfriNIC-rpd] AfriNIC Policy Proposal: IPv6 ProviderIndependent (PI) Assignment for End-Sites

Wed Mar 21 11:24:53 UTC 2007

Hi Vicent, all,

Sorry to heard that :-(

Then the text that I proposed last week should be considered by the staff as
a new version for my previous policy proposal (for end-user-organizations).

People should consider the differences among both, which basically is making
sure that the policy apply only to organizations or also to individuals.


> De: Vincent Ngundi <vincent at>
> Responder a: AfriNIC Resource Policy Discussion List <rpd at>
> Fecha: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:31:31 +0300
> Para: AfriNIC Resource Policy Discussion List <rpd at>
> Asunto: [AfriNIC-rpd] AfriNIC Policy Proposal: IPv6 ProviderIndependent (PI)
> Assignment for End-Sites
> Hi All,
> We have decided to incorporate the comments that have been made about
> the above policy. As a result, we have made slight changes to the
> current draft (mainly affecting section 3) to accommodate the same.
> The changes are as follows:
> (a) the new policy _doesn't define the size of the reserved block
> from which the PI v6 assignments shall be made from.
> (b) the new draft _doesn't allow the assignment of prefixes longer
> than /48
> Comments?
> <see re-draft below>
> -v
> #################
> Name  : Vincent Ngundi
> Alain Aina
> Organisation : Kenya Network Information Center - KeNIC
> Policy Affected : 
> Date  :       30th January 2007
> Proposal : IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignment for End-Sites
> Policy Term : Permanent
> Incentive : The current policy does not allow IPv6 provider
> independent (PI) address assignment to any 'end-sites'. In addition,
> lack of IPv6 transport will compel many 'end-sites' to tunnel. Thus,
> to avoid renumbering when IPv6 transport will be available, a
> provider independent assignment seems reasonable. More so, not all
> LIR's have IPv6 address space allocations. This makes it impossible
> for end-users to get PA IPv6 address space from such upstreams
> (LIR's). This policy is also aimed at providing IPv6 address space to
> such end-users as long as they already have or qualify to get PI IPv4
> addresses.
> Introduction
> =========
> This policy allows 'end-sites' to be assigned IPv6 provider
> independent (PI) addresses. 'end-sites' include End-Users who already
> have or qualify to get IPv4 PI addresses and critical Infrastructure
> providers such as TLD root server operators and public Internet
> eXchange Points (IXP's).
> Current Situation
> =============
> AfriNIC has discussed similar proposals recently during it's last two
> Open Policy meetings but both proposals have been returned to the
> public mailing lists for further discussion due to lack of consensus.
> Details
> ======
> (1) Assignment target:
> End-sites which provide Public Internet services for a single
> administrative organisations' network, regardless of their size.
> (2) Assignment criteria:
> * The end-site must not be an IPv6 LIR
> * The end-site must become an AfriNIC End User Member and pay the
> normal AfriNIC fee for its' membership category
> * The end site must either:
>     - be a holder of IPv4 PI address space or
>     - qualify for an IPv4 PI assignment from AfriNIC under the IPv4
> policy currently in effect.
> * The end-site must justify the need for the IPv6 PI address space.
> * The 'end-site' must show a plan to use and announce the IPv6
> provider independent address space within twelve (12) months. After
> that period, if not announced, the assigned IPv6 PI address space
> should be reclaimed and returned to the free pool by AfriNIC.
> (3) Provider Independent (PI) address space:
> * The provider independent (PI) assignment should be made from a
> specific block.
> * The intial provider independent assignment size to an end-site
> should be a /48, or a shorter prefix if the end-site can justify it.
> Effect on AfriNIC
> =============
> No direct effect on the existing AfriNIC members, nor changes to the
> current IPv6 allocation criteria.
> Acknowledgments
> ==============
> Thanks to Adiel Akplogan, Frank Habitch and Jordi Palet for their
> contribution.
> #################
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> rpd at

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